Saturday, May 1, 2010

national apron day

Don't forget that May 10th is National Apron Day!

If you happen to need a cute and very haute apron for this event, I have many to choose from!

(I will be wearing this cupcake apron all day long, in spite of Danny's disappointment* disapproval**.)

Check out my new Apron section on my rag-a-muffin blog!

*totally random side note! I didn't want to use the word disappointment, so I looked up a synonym, and I found that the term "flash in a pan" is a synonym for disappointment. Really? It doesn't make sense to me! Anyway, then I found a word that made more sense, but I just had to include this little nugget of knowledge about that crazy term.

...oh, Kelly. Flash in a pan. That was a fun night! I miss you!

** Danny disapproves of the holiday, not the apron.

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