Wednesday, August 31, 2011

project tree: summer

Red delicious apples for the tree, and some songbirds. But I was in a hurry to ship them off before we moved- so I didn't get photos of the birds. (sorry!)


I just finished making little Mina a bumper for her crib, and I'll be making curtains as soon as the fabric gets here! Shawna's been keeping me busy- and I love it!

Again- no photos.

Someday I will actually have a camera again, that I will take actual photos with.


Oh the woes of broken lenses!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

radio silence

Sorry for being so quiet this week- I'm very busy, and haven't even had time to think about blogging. See you soon!

Friday, August 19, 2011

the continuing search....

...for Lindsay brand olives.

You know how Loo-loo loves olives right? Well I spotted these ones at Orson Gygi, and she fell in love. Unfortunately, even an olive lover such as her couldn't go through that many olives in time to justify that gigantic can. So, ever since every time we go to any store she suggests "Me look for Lindsay brand olives?"

Have you seen them anywhere?

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

van's first birthday!

Mike, Van's multi-talented architect father designed the invite...

And his crafty momma made the bunting and the tissue paper poofs...

He is the cutest freaking kid in the whole wide world.

Mike never does anything half-assed. He grilled the burgers, slapped on some cheese, toasted the buns, grilled the pineapple- so that we could all have delicious teriyaki burgers- just like at Red Robin. OMG. They were so good.

Loo-loo and I picked up some balloons...

Van and his poppa.

I based the cake design on the invite- super easy. It was lemon cake with cream cheese frosting. Only the best for my only nephew! I was going to make the yellow dots with fondant, but I freaking hate fondant- it's gross and expensive and I hate peeling it off so you can eat the cake. So I used the Wilton candy melts- perfect.

And do you see the cute "1" tee shirt that matches his party hat? Yeah, Nan made those too.

After picking the "1" candle off the top, he licked it to see what it was...

Then he decided it would be fun to smack it. Pat-a-cake. At this point, Loo-loo decided to start chanting "Van! Van! Van!" It was so funny!

He was picking the candy dots off the top and eating them before he would "dig in". So we took them off because we wanted the destruction to begin!

"Why is everybody watching me? And laughing?"


He did an excellent job.

The cupcakes for everyone else. Lemondrop with cream cheese frosting. I will post the recipe, uh, soon-ish?


Ok, time for presents!

He kills me.

Loo-loo brought along her camera too- so here are her shots...










Pineapple! Uh, yeah. Sometimes her aim is low.



Van and Jessica!


Monday, August 15, 2011

the ugliest doll in the world

So I found this vintage book of doll patterns. I thought that this babydoll could be saved from the ugliness of the 70's.

But the entire time I was working on her all I could think was "OMG she is SO ugly."

I watched one of my very fav movies while making her- Troop Beverly Hills. So when I look at her I kinda think of Shelly Long's poofy 90's hair and super skinny cigarettes.

Kinda cute? I really can't tell anymore. I'm biased.

Do you think some little girl could love her? Or does she have a face only a mother could love? I made her for my shop- but maybe I should just send her back to the 70's.

What do you think?

Friday, August 12, 2011

it's a wee wonderful world

The shop is now stocked to the brim with these lovely dolls...







You know me- I can't just make one of something, I have to make 6. Besides, I needed to have my shop all stocked up before I get a job, right? Cause what if I get too busy and I can't make any?

Haha. I'm so good at justifying my sewing addiction.

And right after I took these photos, as I was uploading them to my computer- my Tilda kitty ran across the cord and brought my camera crashing into the hardwood floor. Busting the bejesus out of my new lens that I got in the mail a few days before. Because the old one got broken in the move.

So, buy some dolls!

So I can by the non-plastic version of my fav lens! Ok?

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

say hello to the angels

The afternoon I left for Utah- my little cow cow went to sleep under our bed and went to heaven. She waited for us to leave- so that she could go. It was her time.

I am so, so sad- but it was the best way for her to go.

Right before we left for San Francisco, I had to take her to the vet to get a rabies shot and Kobe was diagnosed with a severe heart murmur and a very high thyroid condition. She also only weighed 5.6 pounds. The vet was hopeful in that if we got the thyroid under control it would allow her heart rate to slow down to a normal level and she could gain weight again. She did so well on the long ass car ride to California and she acclimated SO well to our new place, I got hopeful that she would live a longer life than I had been preparing myself for. (remember that I thought we would have to put her down before moving because I just didn't think she could handle the move?)

This was taken forever ago- look how fat she is! (not fat, but normal- she has been so skinny for so long that I don't even remember her looking like this!) I love how she would pass out on the bathroom rug right next to the toilet- like "I partied too much and now I have to sleep by the toilet"

And this is why we called her cow cow. When she had some chub, she would lick all of her belly fur right off! So it would hang down like udders- and she looked like The Littlest Cow.

Her gorgeous spots- most calico's are more mottled- but she had spots.

She loved "helping" me sew the binding on quilts...

...and taking silly photos together before bedtime.

She loved cheese. She would run if she heard you peel open a cheese stick.

She also loved pasta. Since she couldn't gain weight, and was SO happy to eat cheese and pasta- I gave them to her. As long as I didn't give her bacon, my vet tech sister approved.

She was a manx- no tail. Just a stump. There are crazy people out there that pay top dollar for a cat like her. But I wouldn't sell her for a million dollars. She was my baby.

This cat would fall asleep in my arms almost every single night. Then she would re-locate to my head. I would always be combing my hair in the morning after showering and find what I thought to be grey hairs- but they were just embedded Kobe hairs.

She loved sleeping in the sun...

...and sleeping...

...and sleeping. We called this position "All Cowed Out".

She would sit on my shoulders as I blogged...

And sleep next to Danny if he had a headache.

A quiet moment in the car on the way to San Francisco.

She would always find the coolest spot in the house. This is the place underneath the skylight/window where the breeze was the strongest.

She never slept under the bed. Ever. But when Danny found her last Thursday evening- she was "All Cowed Out" under our bed facing the wall. She went under there to be alone, to go peacefully.

She made my life better, she comforted me, she entertained me, she cuddled me everyday. I know she was just a cat- but she was so much more to me. So much more. I will miss her terribly. I bawled all night after I got the phone call from Danny. I felt so so bad that I hadn't been there- but I really believe that she wanted it that way. I told her awhile ago that she could go when she was ready.

And she did.

I still love you little cow cow. from freshfromthebakery on Vimeo.