Saturday, June 26, 2010

little miss...

...piggy, that has taken me all week to finish.

I made my first one, and then immediately made this one. I am not a perfectionist, but this pattern requires perfection. So here she is in all her satiny glory...

That's right, I made her out of baby pink satin. Told you I was crazy... The photo on the front of the pattern shows the girl pig made out of a fuzzy soft fabric. I want a cuddly pig just like in the picture! I can't find anything like it anywhere, (except for flannel, and I didn't want flannel) so I decided to go with satin- still soft and cuddly. Kinda hard to sew with though.

Look how cute those tiny straps are, crossed in the back!

(don't mind the pins, I can't for the life of me find my snaps so I can finish her dress.)

My first attempt. Not so bad, but not what I expected out of myself. Hence number 2. And she is so not finished. I have not made clothes for her yet, or sewn her eyes on, or finished sewing her snout on...

I also made this gorgeous blanket for my future babies- I got the fabric forever ago, just for this kind of blanket. Once I learned how to make them, I couldn't wait to get this done!

( I kinda want a bigger one for me...and while I'm at it, I also kind of want a baby.)

Friday, June 25, 2010

having fun!

Is it really Friday?!?

I have been such a blabbing blogger lately, I bet you are wondering where I have been! I spent Monday and Tuesday with the Loo-loo...

Monday I took Loo-loo to her favorite store- Walmart. She got a giftcard for her birthday that has been burning a hole in her wallet. She got a new t-shirt, some $5 sunglasses, and some m&m's.

Loo-loo in her brand new Oscar the grouch t-shirt.

Do you know what Oscar says? S-C-R-A-M!

Tuesday I took her to Wheeler Farm. She really wanted to milk a cow, so we went for the 5 o'clock milking. I figured it would be a little dusty, but I didn't anticipate the smell. Let's just say that I won't be taking my future children to milk any cows. Loo-loo was just sure she would get a brown cow to milk, and her name would be Bessie.

As her incredible luck would have it, she was a brown cow. But her name was Lola, and she is 6 months pregnant. I didn't know you could milk a pregnant cow! I still don't know that you should milk a pregnant cow.

She even knew how to do it- she didn't need any help!

The smell of warm milk laying around everywhere made me queasy.

This is mama cow Dolly and one day old baby cow Molly.

The rest of my week was spent sewing. Big surprise. I gotta take some pics, then I can show you the amazing stuff I have been making!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

new for the shop...

Small sized blankies for the lil ones in your life! They come in a coordinating set of 2- so when one is on the wash (or at grandma's) they still have one to cuddle with! Details here.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

shop hop '10

For the past 2 days, that's all my mom and I have done!

15 shops around Utah picked themes and had sales. You go around to each shop and get a stamp, and when you have all of them, you turn it in for a chance at some really great prizes. And getting to shop all day long? Yes! Most everything we bought was on sale too!

We started out in Bountiful, at Quilters Haven. We love that store!

Then we traveled all the way up to Brigham City, to the cute little Village Dry Goods shop. They had the theme "Prom" and they were all in D.I. flouffy dresses with '80's music playing. I made the mistake of playing the game of "find-the-record-on-the-floor-for-what-is-playing-and-win-a-prize." I absentmindedly found "thriller" right before it came on. I stood and waited. I won! Little did I know that in order to get the prize, I had to go up front and do the thriller dance. In front of like 20 old ladies. Dammit. Well, I did it anyway, I wanted that prize! But it was lame. So, needless to say, I didn't participate in any other games!

But I did get these cute tea towels! And my mom bought me this pattern. It is so me! I plan to take at least a year to finish it, and I will customize it for my memories of my grandma's and mom's kitchens.

Off to Pipers.
I got this new Heather Bailey pattern. Look at those pigs! Are you kidding me? I need like 5 of them right now.

Next up, Whimsy Cottage, followed by Elaine's, then Mormon Handicraft.

Some cute fat quarters that I got from Elaine's for some baby boy blankies. My mom and I are obsessed with making them!

Top: some solids for my stash, and the red for a small project.
Bottom: Rainy Days for some baby girl blankies. See? Obsessed!

Pine Needles finds- for baby boy blankies. Addict!

We went from 9:30 a.m. until 8 p.m. on Wednesday. I was so wiped out!

Thursday we started with Sew Sweet in Tooele. So far away! And truth be told, it wasn't that great of a shop. Sorry guys.

An hour drive later, we arrived at Broadbent's in Lehi. That store was awesome! They had old fashioned candy, vintage colored glass, fabric, toys, baby clothes...
Yeah, I bought it!

Monkey's and ellie's from Broadbent's, bananas from The Stitching Corner.

My mom and I died over this collection from Tula Pink by Moda. We went waay over budget and each bought enough for a baby quilt. After this shopping trip, we will have enough fabric to keep us in projects at least until Christmas!

We got it at Corn Wagon Quilts- their theme was "Family Reunion" and they did an amazing job! They were all dressed up like weirdo relatives from all around the country. "Aunt Flo the rich aunt from Florida" would greet customers like this: "Cousin Carol! Oooohwwweee! I haven't seen you in years! Uncle Billy just got out of prison, he'll be here tomorrow. Cousin Lou was here, and she looks just awful!" While the aforementioned customer is looking pretty darn confused, my mom and I were highly entertained. Kudos, ladies!

They also had the most complete collection of hand-dyed felted wool I have ever seen. So next time I need wool, it's out to Springville for me!

On the way home we had lunch at in-n-out burger. Then back to Elaine's to drop off our completed stamped cards and to pick up my quilt- it is finally done being machine quilted! (I will post pics of that later, when I get the binding done.)

What a busy and fun 2 days! Looking forward to next year!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

new stuff!

My mom and I took a class last saturday- how to make the self binding baby blanket. It's a blanket that has had us both stumped, so we took a class. There is a trick to it- a trick that cannot be explained in a pattern. But once you know it, they are pretty quick to make. We had a wonderful teacher, she was so patient and nice. That always helps too.

This is the one I made in class. Love that Michael Miller is doing flannel now!

When I got home, I made some more out of scraps that I had laying around. (stuffed in bins) These I just made with regular fabric and fluffy soft minky.

Minky is a bitch to work with when paired with non-minky. But I figured out a trick for that too!

Here are some tiny cuddlers...

Hello perfectly mitered corners.

So cute!

Ohh... and I got some new rag-a-muffin tags, do you like them?

Monday, June 14, 2010


I haven't blogged all week! Probably because I have been busy sewing, of course!

Here is a sneak peek at what I have been working so hard on...

...a quilt for 2 of my bestest bff's Mike & Nan. They are having a baby in August- Yea! My first nephew! I can't wait! So I have been busy creating the coolest baby quilt ever. And since I am pretty sure they don't read this- I wanted to share it!

Strips sewn and cut ready for the next step.

This is one of 6 blocks for the quilt. I am crazy- this block alone probably took me 8 hours to finish. Phew. I am so glad to be done with the ultra detailed blocks! They look freakin amazing if I do say so myself.

Of course I had to change my mind about this project like 4 times before it was perfect. I had even bought and pre-shrunk all the fabric, then changed my mind and bought new fabric! The fabric I found was perfect- except for the fact that it was out of print- I talked about it in this post.

Anyway- that's what I have been up too all week! And will be this week- and I am helping my mom with a project too.

I will post more juicy photos later...

Hope you had a great weekend!

Monday, June 7, 2010

a few things (aka the boring post)


Since Friday, I have been sleeping in until 2. In the afternoon. Lazy, right? Ok, it's downright ridiculous. So this evening, I have been feeling bad about it. And after thinking about it, I actually have been quite busy during my awake hours.

I scrubbed the house- top to bottom. Including, but not limited to, the dreaded oven, and even worse, the hated glass shower doors. Also sweeping, mopping, and vacuuming, all of which I loathe. If it has to do with the floor, I hate it. Just one of those things. Since it was so crazy last week, I didn't get any house cleaning done. So I had a lot to catch up on.

I spent all day today cooking. I got the Foodsaver about a month ago, and I LOVE it! Freezer cooking is so much easier now. I made some casseroles- Mac n cheese, Layered Mexican Chicken Rice Bake (new for me) and Chicken & Rice. I also roasted 6 chicken breasts, to shred and freeze for other meals. Then I made soft tacos for dinner, followed by some cookies. Phew!

I figure (and so does my husband) that if I am not working, we need to have good dinner every night of the week. So I have been looking for new recipes. I have found 2 new blogs that I now follow- and I am so excited to try all their tried-and-true favorites.

One is the Picky Palate. I have made 2 of her desserts so far, and we are definitely kindred spirits. I tried the L.A. Cookie and the PB&J Shortbread Cookie Bars. Sooo delish! I made some changes to the L.A. Cookie, that I will post later on my recipe blog. She has cookie making down! The dough is so perfect, creamy and easy to whip up. I will be making a lot of her stuff!

The other one is My Kitchen Cafe. I used her marinade recipe for Island Chicken for all the chicken I roasted earlier today. It turned out wonderfully- perfectly seasoned and so juicy! She also has a Coconut Tres Leches Cake that I have been drooling over- but I need an occasion (more people than just me and Danny) to make it, since it really should all be eaten the day it's made. I am also dying to try her Kalua Pork (hawaiian style!)

I hate throwing away food. Mostly because I hate cleaning out plastic containers turned science experiments. (Not really. I don't let them get that bad.) My mom taught me well. I can't stand a messy fridge. But I still hate dumping food into the garbage because I made too much, and we already had it as leftovers once, and we don't want it again. So it gets dumped.

Not so, (as much) with the Foodsaver. I love being able to portion out my recipes, freeze them, then vacuum seal them for later. I am so glad that Danny let me buy the damn thing. I have learned a few valuable lessons on what not to vacuum seal. Bagels and shredded cheese. Bagels get flattened (it's comical) and shredded cheese gets mashed back into a un-shredded lump. I hate grating cheese too.

Anyway. Blah blah blah. This is a boring post. Oh well. Can't be quirky and enlightened all the time. (joking)

I plan to post what success I have in the recipe department, so keep checking back!

(vintage) down on the farm


Why in the world would anyone make these guys?!?

Sunday, June 6, 2010

funeral through loo-loo's eyes

"Looks like Cookie Monster!"

Me with droopy eye.


"Casket! Say Cheese!"

(seriously, that is what she said as she snapped this photo.)

She thought the hearse was funny looking.

Me taking a photo of Loo-loo taking a photo of the dancing girl.

Loo-loo taking a photo of the dancing girl.

(see the Dr. Pepper? I made my dad stop so we could get a bottle before going back for the luncheon. We got some dirty, some jealous looks from people for having caffeine in the church.)

Nick & Mom.

Me & Hazel.

and finally...

Then she took photos of all the important things that all churches should have.

(except for the ham.)

Looking for a way out? Loo-loo has the answer.


I had this attitude that since my grandma wasn't really a part of our lives for the past 15 years, and since I had mourned her loss a long time ago, that I would be okay when she passed. This post proved that theory to be wrong. This past week I have been sad, but not the manic-depressive-crazy-kill-me-now-sadness that has engulfed me in the past.

I did a lot better than I thought I would at the funeral. I didn't bawl my heart out all day long. It was a typical LDS funeral- viewing, family prayer, funeral, burial, luncheon. We got there 10 minutes early. (amazing, right?) As the church filled with mourners, I grabbed Lindsay and made Danny keep her company while I made my mom braid my hair. (I so wish I could french braid my own hair) Loo-loo really wanted to see her grandma. In the box. So when the room cleared a little, I led her in.

I watched her intently as she studied our grandmother. Her face was calm, her manner was soft. We turned around and found a seat. After a few minutes, we went back up. This time Loo-loo wanted to touch her. I told her that she could only touch her hands. Our grandma looked good- like herself, the way we remembered her. Not the sickly and confused woman we watched suffer last week. Again Loo-loo was calm, patting her hand, and holding onto her arm. She said a few things under her breath, then patted her hand again. She looked at me and said "Grandma in heaven. With grandpa. Just body. Hands cold." We sat back down.

The room filled again with people. I began to worry. I get a little claustrophobic in crowds. The bishop announced that they would be closing the casket, so if there was anyone that wanted to see her, they better do it now. Loo-loo begged for one more look. Please? Please? she said. I couldn't say no- right? We went back up.

Loo-loo watches a lot of T.V. She often quotes movies and t.v. shows dramatic moments, it's her way of identifying with her emotions. All of us exaggerate.

This time was quick. She touched her hand, and said "I love you, grandma." As we walked away, loo-loo started crying, and then almost falling to the ground, she cried "grandma!" as we walked back to our seats. There was gasping and crying from the crowd, who mouthed "aww" and "I'm sorry!" in response.

The thing is, loo-loo was acting. It was a magnificent act, she should win an Oscar for it. I had such a hard time not laughing through it.

I sat between her and Danny during the funeral. I learned a few things about my grandma that I had never heard before. My dad had emailed me his talk the night before, so I knew what he was going to say. It's probably why I didn't cry a lot. Loo-loo really wanted to go "up there" and sing. Really really badly. A few times I had to hold her back to keep her from running up there!

Afterwards, when the pallbearers were taking the casket out of the church, she waved her Kleenex at the casket as it passed her. A few more gasps from the crowd.

I love her. So much.

Ain't they cute?

Always appropriate.

I heart my sisters!

The Limo, Loo-loo, and Nicky poo.

Loo-loo and Hazel.

Jacob and Loo-loo.

(Jacob was my grandma's husband)

Friday, June 4, 2010

learning curve

We celebrated the wonderful life of my grandma this past week. Her funeral went well- as best as a funeral can go, anyway. It was bittersweet, reuniting with family after years of not seeing each other, but only doing so to mourn that death of a loved one.

I inherited so many talents from my grandma- but there are a few that I didn't.

I got this book awhile ago, so I have been dying to learn how to crochet so I can make them. My mom's friend Hazel (that she has known since 2nd grade) is a whiz at crochet and knitting. I have been bugging her forever to teach me, and since she came to the funeral, we sat down for a few hours while I tried to figure it all out.

I hate learning new things. Did you know that about me? I suck at crochet. I can't get the tension right, and I do it waaaaay too tight. I made Danny watch Hazel teach me so that when I do it wrong at home, he can help me. He even tried it. Right-handed. And my left-handed husband did it much faster, looser and better than me. Sweet.

So here I sit, watching the Goonies and eating Peanut Butter n' Chocolate Ice Cream and failing at making a granny square. I can't get it started. Frustrated, and out of ice cream.

Luckily, I have more in the freezer. And Pet Semetary is on next.

Do you think I could pay Hazel to make them for me?

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

i'll cry if i want to, and even when i really don't

I made this ridiculous rule goal that I would not cry every single day until the funeral. That I would be strong and save it for the day. Then I can fill just one day with gut wrenching sadness, gobs of snot, droopy eyes, and a salty face. Then it would be done, and I would be fine.

Ha. Right. As I was mid melt down at 2 a.m. last night, my husband told me that it's okay to be sad. Every day. For awhile. He told me that when his grandpa died, he cried once a day for 2 weeks. What? How did I not know this? I feel like a horrible wife when I have not comforted my husband in a time of sadness. Danny is so private sometimes most of the time. He doesn't talk about his feelings constantly, or post them on the internets like I do. I feel controlled by my emotions sometimes- out of control.

So I envy his ability to reflect and deal- quietly, privately. The only thing keeping me sane right now is him. My back has been killing me- storing the stress in the form of knots lining both sides of my spine. He rubs my back, and I feel okay. Better. When he is at work, it's all I can do to not lay in bed with a heavy heart.

This sadness is driving me crazy. Seriously, I feel like my heart weighs 20 pounds.

So I am making some new hair clips. I have a few special requests for my family, and I think I figured out a few new ones that will be really cute and not like everyone else's. It's been a slow process so far, I can't create and not think about my grandma.

And I really need a glue gun. I have tried so hard to not use one, but it would make this so much easier. But I can't go and get one until I take a shower. And I really don't want to leave the house and deal with other human beings. Especially the ones that work and shop at Joann's.

Speaking of Joann's, I made Danny go with me the other day. I had to get fabric cut, and that line is always ridiculous, so he waited in the car. When I finally came out to the car, he said to me "Why are all the ladies that shop here so hideous? I mean their hair. Is awful. It's like they don't wash it ever. And it's huge and just gross." Atrocious. Is the word my mom would use to describe them.

Because, my darling. Crafters are introverts, like myself. They shack up in their sewing rooms, making stuff. Then they realize that they need something at the store to finish whatever it is they are doing, and they need to finish it right now, so they go sans shower, because that creative fire can be put out. I know, it has happened to me many a time. I have indeed gone to Joann's, sans shower. I wear a hat. Because you can't tell I have greasy hair and no makeup on when I wear a hat. Right?

Needles to say, I will not be joining the ranks of hideous women shopping at Joann's today. I have to take a shower so we can go to my brothers birthday party later anyway. So I will go and get my glue gun looking like a rock star. But I will not judge the greasy haired, sweat pants clad women. For I am one of them.

Except that I do pull some jeans on with my hat. I have not reached the level of going out in public in sweats yet. Wait till we have kids. I'm sure by then it will happen.

To my wonderful husband, sorry in advance. I hope you will still love me then.