Thursday, June 17, 2010

shop hop '10

For the past 2 days, that's all my mom and I have done!

15 shops around Utah picked themes and had sales. You go around to each shop and get a stamp, and when you have all of them, you turn it in for a chance at some really great prizes. And getting to shop all day long? Yes! Most everything we bought was on sale too!

We started out in Bountiful, at Quilters Haven. We love that store!

Then we traveled all the way up to Brigham City, to the cute little Village Dry Goods shop. They had the theme "Prom" and they were all in D.I. flouffy dresses with '80's music playing. I made the mistake of playing the game of "find-the-record-on-the-floor-for-what-is-playing-and-win-a-prize." I absentmindedly found "thriller" right before it came on. I stood and waited. I won! Little did I know that in order to get the prize, I had to go up front and do the thriller dance. In front of like 20 old ladies. Dammit. Well, I did it anyway, I wanted that prize! But it was lame. So, needless to say, I didn't participate in any other games!

But I did get these cute tea towels! And my mom bought me this pattern. It is so me! I plan to take at least a year to finish it, and I will customize it for my memories of my grandma's and mom's kitchens.

Off to Pipers.
I got this new Heather Bailey pattern. Look at those pigs! Are you kidding me? I need like 5 of them right now.

Next up, Whimsy Cottage, followed by Elaine's, then Mormon Handicraft.

Some cute fat quarters that I got from Elaine's for some baby boy blankies. My mom and I are obsessed with making them!

Top: some solids for my stash, and the red for a small project.
Bottom: Rainy Days for some baby girl blankies. See? Obsessed!

Pine Needles finds- for baby boy blankies. Addict!

We went from 9:30 a.m. until 8 p.m. on Wednesday. I was so wiped out!

Thursday we started with Sew Sweet in Tooele. So far away! And truth be told, it wasn't that great of a shop. Sorry guys.

An hour drive later, we arrived at Broadbent's in Lehi. That store was awesome! They had old fashioned candy, vintage colored glass, fabric, toys, baby clothes...
Yeah, I bought it!

Monkey's and ellie's from Broadbent's, bananas from The Stitching Corner.

My mom and I died over this collection from Tula Pink by Moda. We went waay over budget and each bought enough for a baby quilt. After this shopping trip, we will have enough fabric to keep us in projects at least until Christmas!

We got it at Corn Wagon Quilts- their theme was "Family Reunion" and they did an amazing job! They were all dressed up like weirdo relatives from all around the country. "Aunt Flo the rich aunt from Florida" would greet customers like this: "Cousin Carol! Oooohwwweee! I haven't seen you in years! Uncle Billy just got out of prison, he'll be here tomorrow. Cousin Lou was here, and she looks just awful!" While the aforementioned customer is looking pretty darn confused, my mom and I were highly entertained. Kudos, ladies!

They also had the most complete collection of hand-dyed felted wool I have ever seen. So next time I need wool, it's out to Springville for me!

On the way home we had lunch at in-n-out burger. Then back to Elaine's to drop off our completed stamped cards and to pick up my quilt- it is finally done being machine quilted! (I will post pics of that later, when I get the binding done.)

What a busy and fun 2 days! Looking forward to next year!

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  1. Such cute stuff! I can't imagine all the cute projects you are going to come up with!
    I love the cake pedestal and Broadbents. My niece lives just down the street from there. They have amazing stuff! :)