Monday, June 7, 2010

a few things (aka the boring post)


Since Friday, I have been sleeping in until 2. In the afternoon. Lazy, right? Ok, it's downright ridiculous. So this evening, I have been feeling bad about it. And after thinking about it, I actually have been quite busy during my awake hours.

I scrubbed the house- top to bottom. Including, but not limited to, the dreaded oven, and even worse, the hated glass shower doors. Also sweeping, mopping, and vacuuming, all of which I loathe. If it has to do with the floor, I hate it. Just one of those things. Since it was so crazy last week, I didn't get any house cleaning done. So I had a lot to catch up on.

I spent all day today cooking. I got the Foodsaver about a month ago, and I LOVE it! Freezer cooking is so much easier now. I made some casseroles- Mac n cheese, Layered Mexican Chicken Rice Bake (new for me) and Chicken & Rice. I also roasted 6 chicken breasts, to shred and freeze for other meals. Then I made soft tacos for dinner, followed by some cookies. Phew!

I figure (and so does my husband) that if I am not working, we need to have good dinner every night of the week. So I have been looking for new recipes. I have found 2 new blogs that I now follow- and I am so excited to try all their tried-and-true favorites.

One is the Picky Palate. I have made 2 of her desserts so far, and we are definitely kindred spirits. I tried the L.A. Cookie and the PB&J Shortbread Cookie Bars. Sooo delish! I made some changes to the L.A. Cookie, that I will post later on my recipe blog. She has cookie making down! The dough is so perfect, creamy and easy to whip up. I will be making a lot of her stuff!

The other one is My Kitchen Cafe. I used her marinade recipe for Island Chicken for all the chicken I roasted earlier today. It turned out wonderfully- perfectly seasoned and so juicy! She also has a Coconut Tres Leches Cake that I have been drooling over- but I need an occasion (more people than just me and Danny) to make it, since it really should all be eaten the day it's made. I am also dying to try her Kalua Pork (hawaiian style!)

I hate throwing away food. Mostly because I hate cleaning out plastic containers turned science experiments. (Not really. I don't let them get that bad.) My mom taught me well. I can't stand a messy fridge. But I still hate dumping food into the garbage because I made too much, and we already had it as leftovers once, and we don't want it again. So it gets dumped.

Not so, (as much) with the Foodsaver. I love being able to portion out my recipes, freeze them, then vacuum seal them for later. I am so glad that Danny let me buy the damn thing. I have learned a few valuable lessons on what not to vacuum seal. Bagels and shredded cheese. Bagels get flattened (it's comical) and shredded cheese gets mashed back into a un-shredded lump. I hate grating cheese too.

Anyway. Blah blah blah. This is a boring post. Oh well. Can't be quirky and enlightened all the time. (joking)

I plan to post what success I have in the recipe department, so keep checking back!

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