Wednesday, April 17, 2013

sewing my life away

 photo photo2-001_zpsf84eb4eb.jpg
I've been sewing up a storm...Renegade is coming up and I want to be ready waaaay before I need to be. 

But now I need to clean up my huge messes, Danny's sisters are coming to visit and the studio is where they'll stay.

Can you believe this pile of dolls? the most I've ever made at once is like 8, I think there are 20 in the works right now???

Monday, April 15, 2013

my kitchen aid has been busy

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I've never been to Swig, but I heard that their sugar cookies are off the hook. 

I found a recipe here, and oh man, are they goooooood.

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I love going to lunch with my man. We met up at the office and then headed to Super Duper. SO GOOD!!!

 photo IMG_9316_zps4718f4d4.jpg
Then I headed to the mall to get my hot fudge sundae on.

 photo IMG_9320_zps48b7a108.jpg
Doing some baking, so I thought I'd let you in on some of my secret weapons. 

Sonoma Syrup Co. Vanilla is THE BEST VANILLA EVER, it will take your baking to a whole new level. Try it!

Vanilla Bean Paste. No more buying dried out beans and trying desperately to scrape out seeds. Use a tablespoon of this for maximum wow.

Butter Vanilla Emulsion is great for boosting cake mixes. 

 photo IMG_9321_zpscf6c32bb.jpg
Mmmmm, I made salted caramel buttercream to fill brownie cookies....

 photo IMG_9324_zpsc9d3a673.jpg
...and I made my raspberry buttercream cupcakes.

All of us that went to Jane and Visnu's wedding miss each other, so we are getting together for a party. Thailand reunion woooo!

Friday, April 5, 2013


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Have you heard of theRemakerie? OMG, can you even stand how cute this sock bunny is???

This is one of those things that I see and think "I could make that" but them I remember that I absolutely hate making anything out of a sock, and it's kind of a dick move to copy other people, so I just buy it from them. Support people like me! There are people out there that can do some truly amazing things with socks. 

Plus, this is part of my plan to buyallthecutethings.

 photo IMG_9121_zps29f8da65.jpg
Eating these super kawaii cookies that I got in Thailand.

 photo IMG_9124_zpsc89cb515.jpg
I made this lion rattle for Charley for his Easter Basket.

 photo IMG_9127_zpsa78a5dba.jpg
I found Magnum ice cream bars in Thailand- so of course I had to find them here. OMG get the double caramel. You're welcome.

 photo IMG_9132_zpse07572ba.jpg
My neighbor found some spring outside!

 photo IMG_9141_zps0d29fc6a.jpg
I made Jack a monkey for Easter....

 photo IMG_9155_zps0855ac2b.jpg
...and his sister Iris a doll. 

 photo IMG_9157_zps78439067.jpg
My mom sent me a box full of Easter candy....

 photo IMG_9180_zpsea2fe859.jpg
And I made a velveteen rabbit for Henry. I made Van a bear at about this same age, so I thought I'd do the same but different for Henry. The velveteen rabbit is one of my favorite books ever. I ugly cry when I read it.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

jet lag

 photo IMG_9076_zpsa8457417.jpg
I found some baht leftover from our trip. Colorful money is so much fun!

 photo IMG_9077_zpsc196157c.jpg
I am a candy hoarder. Those little gummy cone thingies were amazing, and that Royce chocolate is to die for. Asians know how to do sugar.

 photo IMG_9081_zpse5edbb21.jpg
From scratch biscuit breakfast sandwiches FTW. Not nearly as good as Pine State, but I'll take it.

 photo IMG_9084_zps3adedb0b.jpg
I can't sleep. So I'm gonna fix this crazy mess.

 photo IMG_9087_zps5db01873.jpg
Much better, but that didn't take long...

 photo IMG_9089_zpsded76f0a.jpg
I guess I'll eat cereal while Danny sleeps. Man, I hope this doesn't last long!

I went to quietly get a Dr Pepper out of the fridge, since I'll be up all night I might as well be productive. I'm lazy so I just stick the whole 6 pack of bottles in the fridge when I come home from the store. 

So when I want one I have to cut that stupid plastic ring to free it from the others. Well, while trying to be super quiet, I pierced the damn bottle and it sprayed everywhere. All over the fridge, the floor, until I wrangled it into the sink, hole side down. I thought for sure I'd woken Danny, but thankfully I didn't.

Sometimes living in a loft isn't the greatest. But I got a lot of sewing done!

Monday, April 1, 2013

i wish we had a wedding video

You haaaaaaaave to watch these. They perfectly portray our experience in Thailand, and they are just so beautiful.

I start tearing up after watching this one...

...and I pretty much bawl when I watch this one. 

Zach did such an amazing job at capturing all the amazing parts of this trip. I love seeing the Thai ceremony again and the dancing at the wedding? Kills me. Visnu and his mom. Jane and her brother. How Jane and Visnu are together? That's exactly how they are in real life.

OMG thank you so much guys, for letting us be a part of something so amazing.

Best wedding ever.

I wish so much that we had something like this from our wedding! But videographers at that time in Utah were just not that great, yet still insanely expensive. Ah well, we do have amazing photos!