Friday, December 27, 2013

birthday love

Danny wanted to know what I wanted for my birthday, but all I really wanted was a 3DS and since I bought that months ago,  I said I'd think about it and get back to him.

 photo IMG_1350_zps71dfed7e.jpg
Birthday flowers.

 photo IMG_1344_zpsb5db6ab1.jpg
I made myself birthday brownies with peppermint cream cheese frosting topped with chocolate frosting. Mmmmm.

 photo IMG_1358_zps7b2a4d80.jpg
OMG. Nan had this book made of Van and I. It is the sweetest, most amazing thing ever. I totally cried through the whole thing. I love it so much!

Monday, December 23, 2013


 photo IMG_1263_zps10fa24fa.jpg
Napping with this fatso.

 photo IMG_1269_zps28a50f38.jpg
Family nap time, yes please!

 photo IMG_1299_zpsf09bc476.jpg
Such a sleepy bug.

 photo IMG_1298_zps37177f2f.jpg
A doll all finished and ready to be sent out!

 photo IMG_1302_zps1bc187df.jpg
Lots and lots of Christmas orders going out, yet I'm still not done!

 photo IMG_1318_zps1bc0f8c7.jpg
Ohhhhh look what arrived! My black friday fabric purchases came!

 photo IMG_1308_zpsa6c2b3ed.jpg
I love it when our car window gets smashed!

 photo IMG_1311_zpsa24dcc32.jpg
This is not what I'm supposed to be eating.

 photo IMG_1319_zps90d3a1ec.jpg
This is my "I survived Union Square in the middle of December" celebratory nap.

 photo IMG_1323_zpsb30b2aa8.jpg
This is also not what I'm supposed to be eating, but it is a breakthrough on that banana cream custard I swore to keep working on and make more presentable. I put it in a cheesecake! 

We went to an Adventure Time party. So I made this "Banana Guard Cheesecake" for us to nom on while we watched.

Much success!

 photo IMG_1333_zps8cdd273a.jpg
My BFF from high school, Beth, is having twins any day now. Since I'm a little behind on making their baby quilts, I made these minky lined hippo blankets for in the meantime. 

 photo IMG_1332_zps79e95574.jpg
Another doll finished and ready to be shipped out!

 photo IMG_1338_zps31b88348.jpg
A surprise for the boys for Christmas. I can't wait for them to get it!!!

Monday, December 9, 2013

the robins nest

Before heading out to Utah for Thanksgiving, Nan mentioned that she was stressing over needing to get family photos taken, and how she didn't want to pay for stupid studio shots. 

So I said I'd do it. I'm not a pro by any means, nor have I done it very much, but what she wanted was low key and Mike had some idea's for poses. Or non-poses as Mike is anti-pose.

 photo IMG_1027_zps06dc1db8.jpg
Oh Nan, you are so pretty!

 photo IMG_0996_zps08812f78.jpg
Henry boy!!!!

 photo IMG_1163_zps347c6ee1.jpg
Mike, who will never look at the camera and smile. 

 photo IMG_1101_zpsf3d8839d.jpg
And Van. I told him to put his hands in his pockets, and he did it with a smile. This kid will let you take his photo no matter what you want. Please be this way forever!

This sequence squeezes my heart tightly and then melts in into a puddle.

 photo IMG_1345_zpscfa45e71.jpg
Mom and Van.

 photo IMG_1348_zps918d2085.jpg
Come on Henry! Join us!

 photo IMG_1362_zps50053f81.jpg
Ok little brother, I'll help you.

 photo IMG_1368_zpse72a1fa9.jpg

 photo IMG_1374_zps65b6ef01.jpg
So cute!

 photo IMG_1398_zpsa379bbfd.jpg
You guys, even though you aren't blood, you are my family through and through.

 photo IMG_1420_zpsa3f8cd06.jpg
Henry, always goooooooing.

An outtake:

 photo IMG_0990_zps24736898.jpg
A serious face from the beginning of the shoot. 

I hope these worked out for you! 

I loved doing it, let's do it again! I need practice!

Monday, December 2, 2013

we travel to utah just to eat pie with our families

 photo IMG_1178_zps6c69d56a.jpg
Oh my silly silly, Lindsay loo. We all went out to brunch at Little America, for my dad's birthday since it's at the end of November.

Can you believe her poses? Such a diva.

 photo IMG_1177_zps4e23e84a.jpg
One of Maloree's dog friends (we call her dog training friends her dog friends) had some German Shepherd puppies, and Mal brought some over so I could see how fluffy and cute they were.

SO FLUFFY AND CUTE! This one is Absolute, and she's adorable!

 photo IMG_1218_zps9af8e04e.jpg
Yaaaaaaay for fabric shopping!!!!!!

Since Nick and his wife would be in Rock Springs with her family for Thanksgiving, we all had dinner together the day before at my parents house.

At the end of dinner, my mom asked me to go upstairs with Lindsay to check on the new kitty, and when I came back down, there were balloons and cake and they started singing Happy Birthday to....! Since we don't come home for Christmas, and since my birthday is 2 day before, we don't get to celebrate my birthday together. 

I was so surprised! My mom and Stevie came up with the idea, isn't that awesome? My mom ordered an angel food cake with cherry frosting from Parson's, one of our favorite bakeries. It was the first dessert I'd had in over a month and a half.

It was divine.

My family had always been so good at celebrating my birthday, I'm so grateful to them for that. So thanks, family. I love you.

 photo IMG_1219_zpscc3b8eec.jpg

Both my sister and my brother must be patron saints of rescuing animals. 

This sweet kitty found her way into the parts department at his work, and even though she is chipped, they can't get ahold of the owners, that live somewhere in the midwest. They figured that they must have come through in a camper or something, and she got out somehow. So now they have 4 cats.

 photo IMG_1220_zps213f3a36.jpg
Ryker is very sad that the new kitty won't play with him.

 photo IMG_1233_zps8e976931.jpg
It's pie time! Nan came over and we made pie. Mmmmmm!

That crust was amazing. It was SO EASY to make it look great. Recipe found here.

We may have also had cake for breakfast. Nothing beats two best friends eating cake for breakfast, laughing and blabbing, while pies bake in the oven. 

I miss you so much Nan, but when we do get together it's like we've never been apart. Thank you for being the bestest friend ever!

 photo IMG_1234_zpsf9ad1674.jpg
Danny snapped this shot of his dad at his family's feast. I think it's pretty awesome.

"Craig explains something."

 photo IMG_1195_zps54dd94a6.jpg
Here is my cherry pie, all ready for the oven. I used this recipe. I ordered organic tart cherries from Northwest Wild Foods and they were amazing. I highly recommend them if you are a cherry snob like me.

 photo IMG_1236_zps494dfa6e.jpg
My very first cherry pie (I usually stick to cobbler) along with my very first lattice pie crust. I'm very proud of myself!

 photo IMG_1240_zps41082d4c.jpg
It was so amazing. So, so amazing.

 photo IMG_1243_zps77d75580.jpg
I also made this huge disappointment.

 I love banana cream pie, but I don't so much enjoy slimy bananas. All the recipes I found have vanilla custard, and sliced bananas, so I had this idea to make banana flavored custard instead, because while I like my bananas on the verge of rotten, my whole family likes them green. (ewww) 

What I didn't know is that cooked bananas turn brown, no matter what you do. So while this pie looks just awful and gross, it's not. It's heavenly.

Must work on this.

 photo IMG_1245_zps0bc95e3b.jpg
My mom put these amazing vintage pillowcases on our bed for us to use, aren't they gorgeous???

 photo IMG_1253_zps3d52f0af.jpg
We had lunch with Nan, Mike and the boys before we headed out. This little guy is ALL over the place. Hey little man, wait for me!

 photo IMG_1255_zps8ec4ff39.jpg
We were so very naughty while in Utah, we were drinking soda again. Yikes. Here we are, his and hers, toasting to our last ones before boarding the plane.

Monday, November 18, 2013


 photo IMG_1098_zps14d37c94.jpg
I reallllllly wanna take a Lush bubble bath, but seeing as how we use our tub for storage, that's out of the question at the moment. I'll settle for a relaxing foot soak. 

P.S. have you smelled Rose Jam? It's heavenly, and it's limited edition. So rude, Lush. I wish they'd make their Rose Jam perfume again, I'd buy like a million bottles.

 photo IMG_1106_zps1c7f24fa.jpg
I've cut out Dr Pepper again. So I'm trying Criobru, it's roasted cocoa beans. We'll see how it goes.

 photo IMG_1108_zpsb9b8d232.jpg
Ugh, I'm so sick of these tiny ass cupboards! No matter how I re-arrange, I always have spices and such sitting on the counter, annoying the crap out of me.

 photo IMG_1112_zpsf754449e.jpg
It's been so dark lately, I need to figure out this night time photography thing. It's the one thing I never learned- studio stuff and lighting and flash and stuff.

 photo IMG_1115_zps09581d3b.jpg
I've been trying to eat "healthier"but this faux bread is terrible.

 photo IMG_1126_zps864e742d.jpg
My love bug.

 photo IMG_1132_zps1f6dcc2d.jpg
I made some cute little hair clips to match some dolls I'm making for a customer. They are so cute, I just wish I didn't absolutely hate making them, because they sell like hot cakes!

Monday, October 14, 2013


 photo IMG_0959_zpse4fcd6e4.jpg
In n Out. It's good to be home.

 photo IMG_0972_zpsd830eebb.jpg
Working on a new felt ball mobile...

 photo IMG_0987_zps1398774e.jpg
....and it's finished.

 photo IMG_0986_zpsc802bd35.jpg
I've also got some monkey shoes going on.

I started an e-course on how to use Illustrator. Here are some of my finished projects!

 photo IMG_1013_zpsfe7a0a8c.jpg

 photo IMG_1012_zps9b87b9bf.jpg

 photo IMG_1002_zps0a1815ea.jpg
Danny had a work thing over the weekend in Brussels. Yes, a 3 day trip to Brussels. Although I really wanted to go, I've learned that short trips to faraway destinations does not suit me. If he has a work trip that can be extended, then I'll go, but if not, then I'll stay home and avoid grouchiness.

He brought me home like $80 worth of chocolate, isn't he the best?