Wednesday, September 30, 2009

from summer to winter?

Wind, rain, slush. Clouds, puddles, leaves.

That's what I see outside my window.

I want/need to run some errands. But it's cooooold outside. As I shiver, I make myself some Ginseng Peppermint tea and a Warm Delights Chocolate Caramel Cake.

Ahh. So delish. As I snack and sip, I run through the guide on TV. NOTHING is on, except for that stupid show- I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant.

I watch a whole hour of it. Seriously. I really do believe that some of these stories are true, but most of these people are just idiots. Here is a quote- as this chick is in labor she says, "this is for real, this is happening" Duh. She totally missed 2 periods, and had morning sickness. Whatever. I guess this is one of those things that COULD totally happen to anyone, probably. I don't think that they have been "faked", I just thing that some of these women are idiots. And when they freaking smoke and drink the whole time? I know that can't be helped, right? Because they "had NO idea". But when the doctors say at the end, "even though she smoked cigarettes and drank alcohol, her surprise baby is in perfect health." Yeah right. They just don't want to freak any idiots that are out there watching.

Alright, I am done ranting. I will go now and get my stuff done.

P.S. I have been working on some goodies for rag-a-muffin, I will update that blog as soon as I get done.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

week in review

(now, 1:37 a.m.) 1 week anniversary in the new place. Old place all cleaned out. I feel sad when I am down there. It still feels like home, but all of our stuff is gone. And then I come upstairs to the biggest mess ever, and I just can't stand it. I don't even know where to start. I can't do the 4 loads of laundry that I need to do, cause the boxes of food storage are in the way. And I can't put those away, cause the cupboards are full of food that I just threw in there. And I can't move that stuff, cause I don't have an empty bin to put it all in. Sigh.

(today) I can't see my countertops because they are filled with STUFF. Stuff that needs to be put AWAY somewhere. (where? don't ask me, and definitely don't ask danny.)

(yesterday) The bathroom is piled into 2 huge bins on the bathroom floor. So don't judge me for wearing the same eyeshadow everyday, alright?

(the day before yesterday) The day we got internet again. And cable. Man, I totally thought Izzie was dead. Damn. I kinda really don't like her. They should have kept George instead. Seriously.

(uh, wednesday?) I sit on the couch, in a maze/mess of tall speakers, short speakers, various electronic equipment, a dead television and a laptop that has no meaning because I can't blog.

(tuesday) See last post. Day off with sister loo-loo.

(monday) I messed up a lot at work that day. Post movers scrambled brain syndrome.

(sunday) First night in the new place. Slept like a rock. It was awesome. It was also my brother's and my cousin's wedding anniversaries. (1 and 12 respectively.) I forgot them both.

Friday, September 25, 2009

sister time

(I finally have internet! Here is a post from the other day when I had no internet.)

(we had some fun with photo booth, and these are Loo-loo's favorites))

My mind never stops running. And going. And spinning. And...You get the drift.

I had SO much to do on my day off, and no motivation to do it. And with my mind whirring and making me crazy and worrying about all the things I won’t get done cause I am too overwhelmed, I decided it was Loo-loo time. So I called my mom and asked her if I could take her for the day.

I picked her up from her day program and we (literally) went to town.

First I took her to my work to pick out a new uglydoll. She LOVES uglydolls. Then we got ourselves a soda, and went to Pibb’s, Orson Gygi, Paradise Bakery, Joann’s, and Bath and Body Works. She loves going places getting to bug and bother the salespeople, asking them impossible questions, and asks if I will buy her everything in every store. So why do I love taking her around town when I have so much to do and no energy to do it? When I take her on high-stress days, my mom always says “Are you sure?”

She is the happiest person I know. She keeps me guessing, and always cheers me up. In other words, she gives me happiness and motivation when I have none. She keeps my mind from whirring. I can focus, have fun, and get stuff done while spending QT with my sister.

While we waited for Danny to come home from work, she played some Wii while I got some stuff done around the house. Then we all went to dinner at the usual spot- Red Robin.

We sat by a young family that had a baby. Loo-loo does not do so well with screaming and crying kids (she punches and kicks the person closest to her, and threatens to give the offender a knuckle sandwich). But he was a nice kid, and didn’t cry. He did yell once, and Loo-loo elbowed me. So I asked her, “what are you going to do when Danny and I have kids and they cry? Are you going to elbow me then too?” She apologized and said very quietly, “No.”

We finished dinner, and she needed to use the restroom so I took her. While she was in the stall, I heard her talking, so I said “What did you say?” And she said “Oh nothing, never mind, talk to myself.” So I started listening.

“Okay, now where was I? Oh yeah. So, Jesus. I talking about Jessica and Danny have a baby. I hope it real soon, yea real soon. Oh, and I hope it’s a girl. Okay? I really hope it’s a girl. But if there be two babies, there can be a boy too. Okay? Okay! And I hope my mom take me to Walmart this week. I have Walmart card, you know. Okay.”

Sweet, sweet sister. I love her SO much. Every time I take her for the day she asks me about our future children. The usual line is “Jessica, when you have a baby? Is it a boy or a girl? Is it twins or triplets?” It’s always then that I interject with “ Loo-Loo!” And she says, “Oh, sorry! I forgot not a bug you about babies anymore.”

No, no, we are not expecting. I just wanted to share Loo-loo’s little prayer with you.

Monday, September 21, 2009


We have no Internet, and no cable. I feel so lost and disconnected to the world!

Let's hope it's fixed by tomorrow...
In the meantime I have my iPhone.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

moving sucks.

I have never been so tired in my life.

All the painting is done, except for a few small detail spots that I have been too lazy, no- too sick of painting to care if they are done or not.

We have all the heavy stuff and most of the other rooms cleared and we will sleep upstairs for the first time tonight.

The cats are curious. Matilda is happy and right at home, but Cobain is scared and keeps going downstairs.

I got ALL the laundry done. I don't think I have ever let 2 weeks of laundry pile up before.

We are so close to being done. So close.


Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Monday, September 14, 2009

movin up

So I don't know if you know or not, but we are moving! (just upstairs) Our fabulous landladies that were living above us bought a smaller house, and gave us the opportunity to take the upstairs and rent out the downstairs. We will now have an extra bedroom, (hello sewing room!) the driveway, and the garage.

So yesterday, all freaking day, we painted. I masked off everything, and Danny rolled the primer on the walls. Then I jumped in and rolled the kitchen- all the nooks, crannies and tiny parts that are so time consuming. At about 5, my Dad called and asked if he could bring us some dinner- chicken & dumplings (one of my favorites) So I said, of course you can!

They (Dad, Mom, and Loo-loo) brought us dinner and to see our new digs. It was so nice to have a wonderfully delicious home cooked meal! We ate, they left, and we started up again. I think that we actually got more done after eating than all the hours before we ate. About an hour after they left, my Dad called again and asked if we wanted some help, and of course I said yes. So they (just Mom and Dad this time) came back with more tools, and very helping hands. They recently painted, so they had fresh experience. My Dad showed Danny and I how to succesfully "cut" the edges before rolling. (very helpful) and we got ALL the priming done in the front room, kitchen, and the hard part of the hallway.

I love my parents. They are so giving and supportive!

Danny "cutting" with the grey paint over the primer.


I will be spending my day off painting, listening to music, and drinking DP. :)

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

this is how i blog

I decided when I got up today that I wanted/needed to work on my blog(s). So I uploaded new photos to Picasa, edited them and updated the rag-a-muffin blog. Whenever I work on the computer, the cats crawl on top of me and fall fast asleep. Matilda is especially annoying, and I was thinking as she was blocking the screen and the keyboard that I wished I had a photo to post so you all could see how funny it is. Then I remembered that I now have the Mac, therefore I have Photobooth. (yes!) So here is a little story for you, told in photos. (pardon the hat, okay?)

The cow snuggles into her favorite spot, my belly.

Noodle walks on screen. This is what annoys me so.

She circles around, and looks at the screen. (it totally looks like I photoshopped her in, but I swear I didn't)

Noodle is back on the cat chair, and cow is still here. But with nunu gone, I can reach my DP.

Seriously, this happens about every 20 minutes or so. Now you know, and now I have proof, even though I look like a homeless person.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

the honeymooners

(I meant to write this post after Danny's Birthday, but the last week or so in August was so crazy and sad that I completely forgot.)

Last year in the middle of August, Danny and I went on our Honeymoon.

We had originally planned on going right after the wedding. We were going to go to Italy for a month. Then it got cut down to 3 weeks. (travel was at an all time high back then) It took Danny a whole month to plan everything- flights, the order of the cities we both wanted to see, the best hotels for the best deals, and so forth. It seemed so out of reach and fairytale-ish.

Well, I guess it really was a fairytale.

After the wedding, Danny quit his job. That he hated. Out of the blue. After 3 months of looking for a new job, (and really freaked out) he decided to go back to school to finish his CS degree in order to be able to get a better job that he actually liked. So we cashed in our tickets to Italy, cancelled all of our reservations, and settled for pretty much the only place we could afford and that we could get flights and hotel for on such short notice, and that would still be Honeymoon worthy- Cancun.

Oh, it was SO beautiful! And the food was AMAZING!! (yes, it really was. And I am such a picky eater, especially on vacation- in Mexico.) And it was so damn hot that I almost died. (Do not go to Cancun in August.) Our hotel was right on the beach. We had room service almost every night. (It was cheaper than going out.) And who really wants to go out every night on their Honeymoon anyway?


We went to Chichen Itza. I was so excited! We woke up at the crack of grouchiness (dawn) to get on the bus. I was freezing on that bus. And so so tired. I tried to sleep. The damn tour guide made fun of all the people that were trying to sleep- he would pretend snore REALLY LOUDLY into the microphone. He made me very grouchy, on top of tired and grouchy. We stopped at a small hotel for lunch. The guide also told us right before we got to the hotel for lunch that their might be iguana disguised as chicken on the menu. (sick!) I had a coke for lunch.


We finally got there- and it was the middle of the afternoon was far away from the ocean breezes. It was so much hotter than it was on the coast- I was out of the freezing bus for 10 minutes, and I was completely soaked with sweat. I wanted so badly to take so many awesome photos with my fancy new camera, but I could not focus on anything except for being miserable and just wanting to leave. Now. But I endured, and Danny endured my whining. He did not complain once. I asked him why. He reminded me that he had lived in Kuwait for 6 months in a tent in the desert. He had to sleep on his stomach because if he slept on his back his sweat would fill his eyes and it would keep him awake. I tried to be nicer after that.


We got to go to the sink hole next. I was so excited, because you got to jump in. Danny wanted nothing to do with it, and in my right mind, I wouldn't of either. But I was so freaking hot. We got there, walked down the winding steps, took some photos, and when I got to the bottom, I ripped my clothes and shoes off, threw them at Danny, and jumped in while plugging my nose.

(sink hole, looking down)

If you know me at all, then you know how much I hate water in my face. And deep water. And any water that I can't see thru. I don't know how many hundreds of feet deep that sinkhole is, but it's a lot. And it's FULL of fish and other creepy crawly swimmy nibbly creatures. I rated my miserableness way over all of the other things, and dove right in. AHHH. It was perfect. It cooled me right off. When I got back up to the surface, gasping and gulping for air like I was drowning, I located the nearest exit and got out as fast as I could. Dripping wet and grinning, I found Danny and we went back up to the surface. I dried myself off with paper towels, put my clothes back on, and went to wait in the gift shop for everyone else to get back on the bus. Then it poured rain. I was still in good spirits, but with all the people, Danny began to get weary. And a little grouchy.

After a freezing bus ride back to the hotel, we were ready for a 7 day nap. We both showered, and then crashed into bed.


We hung out under the huts on the beach all day, every day. Then in the evening, we would walk around town, and get us some Dr. Peppers for the next day. Then we would order room service, and take a walk on the beach before going to bed.

I just had to have a ridiculous "cocktail" while I was sweating under that hut.

It was heavenly. A perfect Honeymoon.

(And someday, we will go on our fairytale Italian Honeymoon.)

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

wishes can come true...

Yesterday, after ogling many wonderful new fabrics at my favorite shop in Bountiful, I went to visit my family. As I was sitting with Lindsay at the kitchen counter, my mom pulled a bowl of dough out of the fridge and started making my favorite- biscuits.

We got caught up, the biscuits baked, and Lindsay entertained herself with my iPhone. When they came out of the oven, steaming hot and golden brown, my mom presented me with the perfect pairing- home made seedless raspberry jam.

So I had 2. And when I left, she gave me a jar for myself.

Tonight for dinner, all I wanted was biscuits and jam. But I thought about Danny and his liking for normal meals, and made some dinner. (grilled chicken & orzo with vegetables) I ate most of mine, and then had 3 perfect biscuits.

I may have to make some more tomorrow...I still have some jam.