Monday, September 14, 2009

movin up

So I don't know if you know or not, but we are moving! (just upstairs) Our fabulous landladies that were living above us bought a smaller house, and gave us the opportunity to take the upstairs and rent out the downstairs. We will now have an extra bedroom, (hello sewing room!) the driveway, and the garage.

So yesterday, all freaking day, we painted. I masked off everything, and Danny rolled the primer on the walls. Then I jumped in and rolled the kitchen- all the nooks, crannies and tiny parts that are so time consuming. At about 5, my Dad called and asked if he could bring us some dinner- chicken & dumplings (one of my favorites) So I said, of course you can!

They (Dad, Mom, and Loo-loo) brought us dinner and to see our new digs. It was so nice to have a wonderfully delicious home cooked meal! We ate, they left, and we started up again. I think that we actually got more done after eating than all the hours before we ate. About an hour after they left, my Dad called again and asked if we wanted some help, and of course I said yes. So they (just Mom and Dad this time) came back with more tools, and very helping hands. They recently painted, so they had fresh experience. My Dad showed Danny and I how to succesfully "cut" the edges before rolling. (very helpful) and we got ALL the priming done in the front room, kitchen, and the hard part of the hallway.

I love my parents. They are so giving and supportive!

Danny "cutting" with the grey paint over the primer.


I will be spending my day off painting, listening to music, and drinking DP. :)

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