Friday, December 31, 2010

oh yes i did

So this is how my year will end.

(leggings, leg warmers, argyle socks, and my favorite lamby slippers.)

Pray for me that 2011 will bring me better fashion choices.

Monday, December 27, 2010


I've never really had a vacation-like Christmas. (like when you were in school, it was awesome to not have to go to school, but it's winter so how is staying in the house all day long a vacation?)

Until this year.

My husband and I have been playing video games, eating cheesecake and hot pockets, wearing nothing but pj's, staying up waaaay to late, and sleeping in waaaay to late- for the past 2 days.

He has this entire week off of work.

It's like we are teenagers with parents out of the country. No responsibility. No rules. No bedtime. No alarms.

I feel like we are being really naughty- like we are going to get caught and get in trouble and have to re-take that really hard algebra test. Our car privileges are gone and we will be grounded for a month with no talking on the phone even.

Or maybe having no schedule has made me completely crazy and I shouldn't be telling the world all of these silly things.

Well, I like it. We're having fun. It's been so relaxing. I know I said I'd write a post a day until the end of the year- but I'm holed up in my house with my sexy husband so I may not have time.


See you on the flip side!

Friday, December 24, 2010

up waaay too late

...playing this game-
that I got for my birthday yesterday.


It's 4:32 a.m., and I have a whole day of sewing and baking to do before 5:00 p.m.

I hope you got enough sleep for your Christmas Eve events! (I sure hope Danny will help me out with the baking part!)

Don't forget to leave Santa some treats- Loo-loo is leaving him fruit and eggnog. Mmmm. What a combo!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

tiny houses made of modern

You've probably seen Emerson House, the amazing new modern dollhouse.

I kinda really want one. So I can make teeny tiny perfect furniture to fill it up. What I want even more is for my architect friend Mike to design one and help me build it from scratch.

You should have seen my barbie house. We had the house, but none of the accessories- so I made my own. (out of my mom's fabric/craft stash.)
(and mine was second-hand, missing all the windows and doors shown above.)

My cousin made fun of me once, we were about 10. She joked and laughed that one day I would make my own couch. She thought it was such an insult, now it just sounds stupid. But it didn't hurt my feelings, it just made me think- "Yeah! that would be amazing!"

I will leave the real couch making to Ikea- I have miniatures to dream about.

P.S. it's my birthday today.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

family christmas party #1 (my side)

This year, we added the Ornament game to the usual traditions- soup & salad for dinner, peppermint ice cream and gingerbread sugar cookies for dessert.

Yes, I did indeed steal this lovely ornament from my cousin's husband.

Gingerbread house that Loo-loo decorated at her friend Shelly's house.

The best frosting ever lined up and ready to go...

Lil Maddie is already a pro at frosting these delicious little cookies!

Loo-loo adds some finishing touches.

Even Gramps got into it!

Lil Jessie made this cute guy just for me!

Auntie Connie.

Stevie, Nick & Mal.

Danny smiles only after he has eaten a cookie.

And we forgot about the ice cream until the frosting was long gone and half the family had left.

Dang. I guess we'll just have to have that for my birthday...

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

all ready for christmas...

This tree makes my front room smell soooo delicious!

This is Tilda's favorite ornament- I have to keep it at the bottom of the tree so she can snuggle it without batting it off the tree.

I fell in love with this garland last year at Basket Loft- this year it was 70% off, so I bought the lot!

I love the sugary texture of candy ornaments- my brother has one that "santa" gave him when he was teeny- it's a candy train, and the gumdrops are so realistic, it's magical. To this day I am still a little jealous that it's his and not mine.

I got these frosty hearts at Ikea last year.

Sweet little bird...

All wrapped and under the tree...

I love the little red glitter balls, also at Ikea last year.

Danny's is hiding in the back...

Can't wait to give them all away!

Monday, December 20, 2010

something to look forward to...

Seattle, Snoqualmie & Portland.

I asked Danny if we could spend our anniversary at the Old Hen Inn next year. It just so happens that there is a nerd node conference the following week in Portland.

Yea! Six months from now we will be chilling in Snowqualmie, at the BEST b&b around, just outside of Seattle- then a short drive down to Portland where Danny can geek out while I shop at really cool fabric shops!

So excited!

Sunday, December 19, 2010


My Family (minus the youngest, Maloree)
approx. 1985

Teenage dad.

Typical dad. We have like 50 photo books that chronicle our childhoods- plus a ton of videos. Our lives have been well documented!

With a cupcake and his camera. If he were sitting in his Shelby, he'd be right at home.

My mom and me. (I don't have any (digital/scanned) young photos of my mom- yet.)

Pumpkin Carving this last Halloween.

So it goes:


Nick, married to Stevie. He is a parts manager of a Ford dealership. They live in Ogden with their 3 cats, Millie the Macaw, Stevie the parrot, and like a gazillion finches.

Lindsay Loo-loo. My special needs sister, lives at home. Also she is my favoritest person ever.
She attends a community program for special needs people 5 days a week. She loves it, and has really blossomed since she joined. That is where I pick her up every week for our activities.

Maloree, the youngest. She is a vet tech, and the emotional strength required to do that job is freaking amazing. Also lives at home. With 3 cats, 2 birds, a dog and a bunny.

Me and my brother, Nick. Is it lame that this is the only photo I have of us?

Stevie & Nick.

Loo-loo loves to par-tay.

My beautiful baby sister Maloree Jane.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

to the maxx

What stresses me out the most?

Hmmm. Let's see...

Baking and decorating large cakes. Give me 200+ cupcakes over a 3 tiered, fondant covered mountain any day.

Ex boyfriends that want to be friends on FB. Actually, it pisses me off more than it stresses me out. I'm married now, morons. I want nothing in the world to do with you. And if I ever see you in public and you try to size up my ex-Marine of a husband, he will most likely punch you in the face.

What worries me the most?

When my siblings and/or closest friends are hurt, sad, or suffering. I turn into a very overprotective gorilla/ninja/bitch. Sorry guys. I can't quite help it. I'm trying harder to stay out of it.

What causes me misery, heartache and pain?

Myself. Luckily, I dropped all the haters I had as friends a long time ago- so now the only enemy I have is myself. I have depression and anxiety (doesn't everybody?) that egg each other on. I get depressed when I am experiencing anxiety, I have anxiety when I've been depressed.

Luckily, with the help of some honest doctors I have found the perfect drug combination to keep it all at bay- ok that's not true. I have to be very aware of my state of mind, get out of the house, rely on my husband to take some of the burden away- just a hug does freakin wonders. Regular time with family, sewing, baking and very recently- babysitting Van, keeps my demons away.

Also, my biological clock is driving me crazy. It's got to be hormonal- these irrational thoughts and jealousies seemingly out of nowhere that make me feel like less of a person. Deep down, away from those stealthy hormones I know that Danny and I will have a family, someday, when our babies are ready to join us. We have no infertility issues, nothing to worry about. SO WHY AM I SO FREAKIN WORRIED ABOUT IT!?!?!? See? Irrational.

Misery- Country Music, Opera, Classical. Zombie movies. Movies about aliens/space.
Pain- Christmas music, especially Charlie Brown. Randy Newman. Caillou.

What makes me happy?

When my husband comes home from work. When he walks in that door- sometimes I jump up and down, sometimes I run at him with a bear hug- sometimes I'm sewing and I don't even hear him come in and he has to make a lot of noise so he doesn't startle me.

The fact that my cats love sleeping on me. I think they love me not having a job and staying home all day more than I do. Matilda loves sleeping on legs, purring very loudly. Kobe loves spooning with me at night- with her head on the pillow and under the covers of course. I usually wake up to her curled around my head- paws stuffed into my hair. 9/10 grey hairs I find on my head are actually cat hairs, embedded from the nesting ritual she performs in the wee morning hours.

Loo-loo. The benefit I gain from chillin with her every week is massive. We have the greatest friendship- not just as sisters, but the sister aspect makes it even more amazing.

Sewing- duh. Well, just creating in general. I love a good challenge. I've been experimenting so much lately, that I might just be venturing into (gasp) clothes. Like adult for me clothes. Nothing solid yet.

Friends. I don't have many. I've been spending a lot of time with Nan and baby Van- it's been so nice. I love that Nan is so openly honest about what being a new mom is like- and that she actually trusts me to watch her tiny child for hours at a time. He constantly smiles- looking away is impossible. I can't wait to have my own...and then our kids can be like BFF's just like us and it will be so amazing and cool and. Ehem. Getting a little ahead of myself.

Taking pictures.

Damn fine coffee.



...and a ton more. I didn't intend this post to be so damn long, and rant-y. (ish?)

Friday, December 17, 2010

A post a day until the end of the year...

Since it's my birthday month, and my blog...

15 (random) things about me:

1: I hate Christmas music.

2: I wish I had enough guts to wear red lipstick everyday. (Who am I kidding? Just once a month would be an improvement.)

3: My dream job is to make custom dollhouses, complete with furniture and all the little details.

4: I love being an auntie. Will my babies smell as delicious as baby Van does?

5: I am the only Utahn that despises fry sauce.

6: I want to move somewhere that has no snow. For a little while, at least. Utah will always be my home.

7: Anne Rice's vampires are my favorite. Joss Whedon's are in second place. The X-files version is last place- don't watch that episode. You'll only torture yourself. Trust me.

8: If I had the space (like a ranch), and an assistant (to clean the litter boxes), and the money (to spay and neuter them all) I would totally rescue every cat I could get my hands on.

9: I hope that having children will inspire me to have "Christmas spirit". Otherwise, I will have to send them over to Mike & Nan's for movies about Santa's workshop, Christmas music & figgy pudding. (you can make figgy pudding, right?)

10: I have been craving a Monte Cristo sandwich ever since I had one at the Westside Diner in Boise. Anyone know where I can get one in Utah?

11: I kill houseplants (including our real Christmas tree) because I forget to water them.

12: The acne I had as a teenager was nothing compared to the adult acne I have now.

13: I love the smell of tomato plants, yet I loathe tomatoes.

14: Last week, I got my very first crown. I like it. Could I just get all my teeth replaced with implants & crowns?

15: These days, I hardly ever wake up before 11 a.m.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

oh yeah...

I love typing on typewriters. For small notes and letters- not anything long.

But a pink typewriter?


Wednesday, December 15, 2010

kittens in dresses...

My cousin Jill and I used to dress up our kittens in doll clothes.

Not nearly as cute as these though...

Monday, December 13, 2010


I saw this online...

I am in love with that stone! If I actually owned this ring, I would probably do white gold instead of yellow. Maybe as a 10 year anniversary gift?

Only 7 1/2 more to go...

Sunday, December 12, 2010

i'm here, i promise!

When most people (bloggers) disappear for a bit after blogging regularly, they turn out to be pregnant. I hear those first few months are hell.


I have disappeared, but I assure you, I am not, I repeat, I am 100% sure that we are not expecting.

I've just been busy. And I may or may not have gotten out of the blogging habit- the empty flash card in my camera proves it.

I have been working on a very special quilt just for our future children. I made some blankets and a quilt for a friend that is having a girl in February- I will post photos when I get the quilt back from the quilters. I have been making a million freakin hair clips, because everyone wants them. I have been selling a ton- and I don't even sell them in stores! It's nuts. I have all these fun projects lined up, ready to go- and I have no desire to sew anything right now.

Last week I got to babysit little Van for the first time- so his momma could go and work out. He is such a little sweetheart- he even snuggled with me for a half hour or so, completely calm and content. It freakin killed me! Oh he is just so perfect! I am trying to figure out how to get him to laugh for me- currently he only does it for his parents. He is 4 months now- can you believe it?

I'll get my mojo back, but it might be after the holidays- so don't abandon me quite yet.

Friday, November 26, 2010

wotcher, harry?

As some of you may have noticed, (I certainly have) my blogging as of late has been patchy and quite lame.

A month ago I started reading the Harry Potter books. I just finished the 6th, and right now Danny and I are watching the movie.

As soon as I am finished with this adventure, I am sure I will be back to my blogging self.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

sometimes i fail

I hate pie crust. I have always hated it. Today was the first (and quite possibly the last) time I made "real" pie crust. The kind you roll out, and crimp the edges, and bake.

When my mom and I "invented" vegan cheesecake back in the day- I opted for a shortbread crust instead of the usual graham cracker one. Which is very tasty, and it really helped set my recipe apart. Plus, you just pat it in the pan- no rolling out.

When I discovered the Juniors Cheesecake Cookbook a few years ago- and saw that it had a spongecake crust- I couldn't wait to try it out. Now, I always use a spongecake crust for cheesecake.

This year, I made the pumpkin pie(s) for Thanksgiving. (my mom usually does it.) So I thought I'd actually follow a recipe. I used the one in the Joy of Cooking. For the crust I used the Pate Brisee (double butter crust) with the regular old pumpkin pie.

I rolled it out, placed it in the pan, made it look all pretty. Carefully set the foil inside, filled it up with rice, baked it, and well... It did not hold it's pretty edges. So I tried the next one.But I got lazy, and opted out of the foil/rice combo. "It didn't really do anything, anyway. I thought." Yeah...

When I took it out of the oven, the sides had given up and slid down into the bottom of the pan. It gave up on itself. FAIL. So I gave up on it.

So I filled the first somewhat successful crust with the filling and stuck it in the oven. Meanwhile, I gave Danny permission to dig in and try the failed crust. Tastes great, (phew!)...just looks awful. I tasted it too- and it is goooood! After the timer went off, I checked on the pie. Middle still too wiggly, crust burned. Nice. I pulled it out and gave up again.

Proof that sometimes I fail at dessert. Miserably, I might add.

I stopped following directions, and decided to follow my instincts. I rolled out some more crust, patted it into my springform pan, & stuck it in the oven. Baked it for a bit, then poured in the filling.

And waited.

It's past midnight- and it's beautiful. *Photos to come, with other Thanksgiving Day stuff.

I love springform pans. They give you a perfectly round shape- and with the ability to take your creation completely out of the pan, you can display your dessert on a pretty cake plate. Plus, no burned crust to worry about.

Yes, I know that practice makes perfect- I have learned that with many, many hideous looking, (but great tasting desserts) over the years. But pie crust is not something I want to perfect. Not when I can take a shortcut and only use springform pans to bake my pies in.

My favorite springform pan of all time is the La Forme. I got mine at Williams-Sonoma when I worked there over 8 years ago, and my pan is still going strong. Now I just need another one for the holidays (hint, hint) when I always have to make 2 of everything.

I really wanted to try this recipe for pumpkin pie- but I didn't have a sugar pumpkin to roast, and I was not going out in the snow today to see if any stores still had them. That's another thing I hate- cooking your own pumpkin. But the blogger says it's well worth the trouble- maybe next year!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

blacklight bowling

Danny has been working a lot lately- having to stay at work until after midnight! (which means I miss him, and when he finally comes home I end up jumping up and down.)

After the baby shower last week, as soon as he got home from work- we went bowling with his friend Ashcon. It was so nice to get out and spend some time together in the real world.



The left handed roll.

Danny and Ashcon actually took bowling classes at the U- recently. I totally whooped their asses- both games. Dumb luck, and perhaps the bumpers did some good for me too.