Tuesday, December 21, 2010

all ready for christmas...

This tree makes my front room smell soooo delicious!

This is Tilda's favorite ornament- I have to keep it at the bottom of the tree so she can snuggle it without batting it off the tree.

I fell in love with this garland last year at Basket Loft- this year it was 70% off, so I bought the lot!

I love the sugary texture of candy ornaments- my brother has one that "santa" gave him when he was teeny- it's a candy train, and the gumdrops are so realistic, it's magical. To this day I am still a little jealous that it's his and not mine.

I got these frosty hearts at Ikea last year.

Sweet little bird...

All wrapped and under the tree...

I love the little red glitter balls, also at Ikea last year.

Danny's is hiding in the back...

Can't wait to give them all away!

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