Sunday, December 19, 2010


My Family (minus the youngest, Maloree)
approx. 1985

Teenage dad.

Typical dad. We have like 50 photo books that chronicle our childhoods- plus a ton of videos. Our lives have been well documented!

With a cupcake and his camera. If he were sitting in his Shelby, he'd be right at home.

My mom and me. (I don't have any (digital/scanned) young photos of my mom- yet.)

Pumpkin Carving this last Halloween.

So it goes:


Nick, married to Stevie. He is a parts manager of a Ford dealership. They live in Ogden with their 3 cats, Millie the Macaw, Stevie the parrot, and like a gazillion finches.

Lindsay Loo-loo. My special needs sister, lives at home. Also she is my favoritest person ever.
She attends a community program for special needs people 5 days a week. She loves it, and has really blossomed since she joined. That is where I pick her up every week for our activities.

Maloree, the youngest. She is a vet tech, and the emotional strength required to do that job is freaking amazing. Also lives at home. With 3 cats, 2 birds, a dog and a bunny.

Me and my brother, Nick. Is it lame that this is the only photo I have of us?

Stevie & Nick.

Loo-loo loves to par-tay.

My beautiful baby sister Maloree Jane.

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