Wednesday, December 22, 2010

family christmas party #1 (my side)

This year, we added the Ornament game to the usual traditions- soup & salad for dinner, peppermint ice cream and gingerbread sugar cookies for dessert.

Yes, I did indeed steal this lovely ornament from my cousin's husband.

Gingerbread house that Loo-loo decorated at her friend Shelly's house.

The best frosting ever lined up and ready to go...

Lil Maddie is already a pro at frosting these delicious little cookies!

Loo-loo adds some finishing touches.

Even Gramps got into it!

Lil Jessie made this cute guy just for me!

Auntie Connie.

Stevie, Nick & Mal.

Danny smiles only after he has eaten a cookie.

And we forgot about the ice cream until the frosting was long gone and half the family had left.

Dang. I guess we'll just have to have that for my birthday...

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