Wednesday, May 27, 2009

the chicken dance

Today was my sister Lindsay's 25th birthday! We celebrated at my parents house with lasagna, salad, breadsticks, and of course, cake.

I asked Linds what kind of cake she wanted, and she said "square." I asked what kind, and she said "pink." I could not find my square cake pans however, and so I just made her a round one. One of the best moments was when she opened her singing card from Danny, and she kept on opening it and laughing hysterically. (I got it on video, the link to it is in my "moments that make life great" section) I was about to put the writing on her cake, and I asked her what she wanted it to say, and she repeated the whole homer fire song by memory. And, she had only heard it twice!

My parents got her a 16 gig iPod Touch, and Danny filled it with some of her fav's. A few Herbie movies, some disco, and such favorites as "the chicken dance." My grandma Betty gave her a giftcard to Wal-mart, and that was pretty much her favorite gift. Her reaction to that gift was HILARIOUS! (I got that on video too, same place as the other one.)

After we all had cake and ice cream, I put on the chicken dance and she went nuts! She gets so into it! If she did it once a day it could be counted as exercise.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

i'm the coupon!

So I decided in order to save some money, I would get the Sunday paper and start clipping coupons.
Last Sunday, I got the Trib, and sat in front of the TV while I sorted through them. I cut out the coupons for stuff that was on my list anyway, even though some of them were kinda lame as far as savings goes. But some of them were awesome!

So a few days later when I went on my twice-monthly shopping trip, I went to Albertsons first. They had 3 double coupon coupons, so I gathered my highest savings coupons and put them with the double ones. Then I set out to find the actual items. Easy enough. When I got to the register, I was hesitant because I had so many coupons, but the guy was nice about it. And fairly fast. I just got 1 bag of groceries, and it cost me $15. I checked out my reciept when I got to the car, and I had a total savings of $12. Holy shit! Amazing! I got cheese, cream cheese (they were on sale- $0.88 each), a bag of salad, razors, q-tips, and I can't remember the rest.

Target was next. They don't put coupons out, so I was just going to use some manufacturers coupons there. The lady checking me out was lazy and handed me back 3 out of the 4 coupons that I had given her. She said that I couldn't use them there. BS. I was mad, but there was a line behind me, so I just left. Next, Harmons. By then, I didn't have any coupons left. Overall, I think I saved $20.

So today, I got the Trib and the Deseret News. Full of Memorial Day ads, NO manufactures coupons. NONE. WTF!? Albertsons still had good deals, but seriously! Well, that $2 was wasted. And about an hour of my time. Danny and I had a hard time finding the paper. We went to 3 different places! (Target apparently does not sell the Sunday papers) Oh, well.
I will continue this experiment for a bit longer before giving up.

p.s. (5/26/09 I found out today that there are never coupons in the paper before Memorial Day.)

(I just want you to know that I totally stole the photo of the coupons because I was too lazy to take my own.)

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

no, no, no

Amy Winehouse has got to be one of the worst music artists ever. Whomever gave her a record deal and forced her onto the public should be fired. Flipping through late night tv, Danny found an Amy live in London! concert and we are watching with disbelief at just how horrible she is. I mean, the music on the radio is bad enough, but live? What were they thinking? She was totally coked up and drugged out and looked like some dumb drunk chic doing bad karaoke. I could go on, but I won't. It's late. Goodnight.

wednesday afternoon

Matilda rolling in the grass, watching the birds, and chattering while I try to take pics of her.
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you put the lemon in the coconut

Coconut Cream Cheese Filled Lemon Cookies. These were the last two. And they are long gone now. I just had to blog them!
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Monday, May 11, 2009

Sunday, May 10, 2009

mother's day 2009

Today we went to my parents house and had a fabulous dinner. We had steak, I made red potatoes and green beans, (and chocolate cake,of course). Nick made the famous strawberry salad, and we all ate way too much. I think it was the 4 layer cake that did us all in.

My mom shared some nice memories of her mother with us- it's always nice to hear them because I never knew her. It's pretty rare that she talks about her mom, usually when she does she gets really sad and cries. But not today! My grandma Betty was there too- She was in good spirits and happy. I don't think she knows who I am anymore, but that's okay.

Maloree of course was being silly, and pouring her Dr. Pepper in with her water, and when it got pretty gross looking, Lindsay piped up and said "Gimme. I want to taste." All of us said "No! Ew!" but she said "Yes! Yes!" so Mal handed her the glass. She was grinning ear to ear, and took a sip, and her smile vanished. It was replaced with a sour look, and she goes "Eeluch. You right, it IS gross!" And then she laughed and stuck her tongue out. My brother Nick was laughing so hard he had tears in his eyes.

Nick, Danny and my Dad put the new oven(s) in the wall, so now the kitchen is almost complete. I am so excited for my Mom! She has been waiting so long for this! I gave her the apron I have been working on, and she loved it. Of course I HAD to make her a decorative dish towel that matches. So not practical. But very cute.

We had a very good day today!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

there's always something to remind me...

I spent some time today out in the back yard with Matilda, when a slight breeze came up and I smelled happiness. Then and I noticed the huge bushes of lilacs hanging over the back fence.

In the very first house I grew up in, we had lilac bushes that seemed much larger than these ones in our yard that I would play under all summer. They still remind me of those carefree days, when nothing mattered other then being outside, playing, imagining, and really enjoying life.

I picked some and I put them in our kitchen- I love how a little bunch of flowers in my kitchen makes me smile, and brightens my day.

my moon, my man

Even though our Anniversary was on Tuesday April 28th, we celebrated on Friday, May 1st. (although we did have the traditional cake on the actual day)
We got sandwiches and cannoli's from Caputos and we went to Memory Grove for a picnic. It was raining a little bit, so we ate on the steps of the Meditation Chapel.