Sunday, May 24, 2009

i'm the coupon!

So I decided in order to save some money, I would get the Sunday paper and start clipping coupons.
Last Sunday, I got the Trib, and sat in front of the TV while I sorted through them. I cut out the coupons for stuff that was on my list anyway, even though some of them were kinda lame as far as savings goes. But some of them were awesome!

So a few days later when I went on my twice-monthly shopping trip, I went to Albertsons first. They had 3 double coupon coupons, so I gathered my highest savings coupons and put them with the double ones. Then I set out to find the actual items. Easy enough. When I got to the register, I was hesitant because I had so many coupons, but the guy was nice about it. And fairly fast. I just got 1 bag of groceries, and it cost me $15. I checked out my reciept when I got to the car, and I had a total savings of $12. Holy shit! Amazing! I got cheese, cream cheese (they were on sale- $0.88 each), a bag of salad, razors, q-tips, and I can't remember the rest.

Target was next. They don't put coupons out, so I was just going to use some manufacturers coupons there. The lady checking me out was lazy and handed me back 3 out of the 4 coupons that I had given her. She said that I couldn't use them there. BS. I was mad, but there was a line behind me, so I just left. Next, Harmons. By then, I didn't have any coupons left. Overall, I think I saved $20.

So today, I got the Trib and the Deseret News. Full of Memorial Day ads, NO manufactures coupons. NONE. WTF!? Albertsons still had good deals, but seriously! Well, that $2 was wasted. And about an hour of my time. Danny and I had a hard time finding the paper. We went to 3 different places! (Target apparently does not sell the Sunday papers) Oh, well.
I will continue this experiment for a bit longer before giving up.

p.s. (5/26/09 I found out today that there are never coupons in the paper before Memorial Day.)

(I just want you to know that I totally stole the photo of the coupons because I was too lazy to take my own.)

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  1. Great job with the coupons! :) I'm a fellow-couponer, so I totally understand what you're going through.

    Couple things to note...
    -There are never coupon inserts on holiday weekends (dumb, I know!)
    -Target does their own store coupons that can be combined with MFQ's for the same item (check the coupons out at They get new ones every 2 weeks.

    Good luck!