Friday, February 26, 2010

short little notes

Dear Luke Wilson-
I can't stand your lame stupid ridiculous Ver i zon commercials. I hit the "mute" button every time they come on. Dude, you totally sold out. I choose to remember you in your earlier days, when you were besties with Owen. You were funny then. Not so much now. It make me sad.

Dear spring-
Come quick! And last until June, okay? Snow is not part of spring. Tell winter to f-off for me. Thanks.

Dear Rosie-
Could you please come and clean my house once a week? Fridays would be great. I will even introduce you to our super computer, the Minilith. See you soon.

Dear Kobe and Tilda-
Please potty train yourselves while Danny and I are at work. That's at least 5 hours a day. You can do it- I believe in you! There is a tuna fish sandwich in it for each of you.

Dear house-
I really do feel bad about how messy you are all the time. I asked Rosie to come over, but my hopes aren't very high. Something about her being a cartoon robot. And that woman is not available. She isn't even real.

Dear Coconut Creme Kisses-
I love you. And I will continue to love you one bag at a time.

Dear Edward-
I don't care how many movies you make. You are not talented enough to branch out. You are Edward. Accept it. You are making millions. Finish out your contract, and buy an island.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

loo-loo tuesday

Since I didn't have any pressing sewing projects, I spent my day off with the Loo-loo. I picked her up from the community center, and said hi to some of her besties. Then it was store after store after store- she was very happy with that plan!

We went to my work so she could check out the newly re-arrainged stuff. Of to the makeup place for my monthly MD Skincare addiction. Then to the flower store. Got a refilled. (as loo-loo calls it- it being a huge cup o soda) while we were there in the presence of a fantastic bakery (for a grocery store, that is) we got some treats- a GIANT cookie monster cupcake, and some chocolate for me. The fabric store was next, where I bought WAY too many fat quarters. Then to my place to play some Wii.

Laughing about just how she will eat her giant cupcake...

Totally cute. Totally crazy. I think I would barf if I ate that whole thing.

Always has to have a shot with the tongue sticking out. Classic.

Aww. A good, cute, simple smile.

I was so glad that she wanted to play Wii. Cause I really needed to get some laundry done. But of course she decided she wanted to play the X-box instead. The Simpson's game. Which we found out very quickly was too hard for her to play.

So I had to play for her. It's a fun game, actually. We have had it forever, don't know why I have never tried it. Anyway- of course I got stuck, and played longer than I should have. Meaning that the clothes got put off, and I had to dry stuff at midnight. (clunk, clunk)

We ordered dinner from Pei Wei, drove to Bountiful, picked it up, then took her home and ate. It was really good! And, my fortune said this:

"You will be receiving a great surprise soon."

The next day, I found a giant hairball on the carpet. Hmmph.

does art imitate life? or is it life imitating art? whatever.

An acquaintance of mine found this and thought I would like it, so she messaged me on the good 'ol FB.

I love l-o-v-e it!

I think it needs to be in on our bedroom wall.

The Perfect Anniversary gift??


(hint hint)

*so far, I don't know who the artist is, how much it is, or how big it is. I will post these things as soon as I find out. I have an email in to the gallery.

p.s. it's $3900. dammit.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

...and a side of bacon, please.

This year, (so far) Danny and I have been going on a Sunday afternoon "date" about once a month.

We go to brunch. Not breakfast, cause I don't get up that early. I love brunch. You get to sleep in, and eat your favorite breakfast treats!

I get coconut pancakes with real strawberry syrup. And sometimes, although I cannot no way no how finish it all, get scrambled eggs and bacon on the side. Mmmmm. (I feel like I have to have a bite or 2 of both to make it breakfast-y. And some OJ, if I didn't hate the kind they have there.)

Danny gets traditional breakfast- a little pile of everything, and OJ. Hash browns, scrambled eggs, bacon, and a short stack.

Afterwards, we go to a movie.

This time, we went to see Shutter Island. We really liked it! Won't say anything more. Just go see it. It's not scary. Just suspenseful.

I do have to say that I certainly do not at all one little bit miss "dating".
The dating game. Lame.

I so love love with all my heart and soul being married. To Danny.

The perfect man, for me.

Monday, February 15, 2010

valentine's cookie party

Much success!

We had so much fun, we decided to have these cookies parties year 'round! And since I make sugar cookies for most big holidays- (easter, halloween, christmas, v-day) I don't mind sharing the decorating (and baking) with everyone! (less stress, more fun!)

Can't wait to start!

Handing out the cookies...

LaRue, Janeen, Dave, Becky, Kyle & Julian

Amber & Jennica

See the hot pink frosting pile going on in the left? That was Kyle's signature style. And one that I admire greatly- I love frosting!

So proud!

This has got to be one of my favoritest photos ever!

Ever wonder how to smile with a mouth full of cookie? Julian has it down.

He actually wanted me to take his picture! Frosting turns the creepy aunt with the camera (me) into the cool aunt with the camera (also me). What? Did that even make sense?

Seriously, every time I looked at James through my lens he had a picture perfect grin!

Empty frosting bags, awesome candy piled cookies.


I love that smile!

Look! I got a photo with all of them laughing! Love it!

Amber got really creative with the licorice ropes...

This kid was my bestie for the afternoon. Earlier I tried to get him to talk during lunch, but he just stared somberly at his nacho cheese dorito.

Give a kid a cookie, gain a friend for life!

James thought that frosting on his lil finger was the funniest thing yet!

Clockwise from top: Dave's U, Kristine's happy face, simple sprinkles, Amber's love knot, Kyle's happy face, Janeen's creations, Dave & Becky's collage, and (uh) I can't remember who's these were! (dang!)

Going through these photos- I don't have any of just LaRue! It was her party after all!

Well, I will just have to do better at delegating out the camera next time so there is a better mix! I also forgot to ask my husband to help me take photos. Oops.

(Photo lessons for Danny- priceless.)

Saturday, February 13, 2010

happy happy love day!

Valentine's Day is usually no big deal around here. I usually make a nice candlelit dinner, and we stay in and watch movies. But this year, Danny's grandma invited us to a Valentine's party at her house- a cookie decorating party!

Oh, how romantic! A whole day to make and decorate heart shaped sugar cookies with the best frosting in the world? The best idea ever! And, she asked me to make the frosting and help all the kids decorate their cookies- I love it! (photos to follow)

I got home from work tonight and started cleaning, straightening, etc... I was in the bedroom hanging with the cow when Danny came in and asked if I wanted my Valentine. Well of course I said yes! But first I had to apologize to Danny for not getting him anything. Because of the party, I didn't plan a nice candlelit dinner. I thought about getting him something, but I didn't.

My Valentine's gift was a little jewelry box from Iris- of course I started squealing and saying "Awww! you didn't have to get me anything! You are so sweet and wonderful!" Because I knew what it was before I opened it.

I had been oogling some silver eyelet earrings a few weeks ago, but I didn't buy them because they were more than I wanted to spend. They are so beautiful and unique! A little fancy, but not over the top- so I can wear them everyday.

I have been wearing the same wooden plugs for the last 9 years or so- I have my very fancy earrings that I wore for our wedding, but I don't wear them very often cause I want to keep them forever.

Silver Fleur Eyelets

So amazing.

And so so surprised and delighted at my husband getting them for me for sweethearts day.
(as Danny's grandma likes to say)

Friday, February 12, 2010

Albert- on your way here, stop by the lamplighter inn for lunch. They have a cherry pie there- that'l kill ya!

who killed laura palmer?

I love t.v. (obviously)

Danny and I just finished watching Twin Peaks. (again)

I heart Twin Peaks. It's by David Lynch, and it's quirky, strange, nonsensical and wonderful.

It had a short run of 2 seasons, but the fact that a t.v. show that strange was actually on t.v. is enough for me.

Harry: do you think they spotted us? Cooper: give me a doughnut!

When I watch that show, all I want to eat are doughnuts, cherry pie, and coffee. So one night when we went to Johanna's for dinner, I ordered coffee and cherry pie for dessert. Being in a diner and all, I was in the spirit of things.

It was a HUGE disappointment.

So the next time I was at the grocery store, I bought stuff to make cherry pie. But I forgot about it, and never made it.

But this afternoon, as I was taking a little cat nap with the cats, I was struck again with the desire for cherry pie. But I didn't feel like making pie. So I thought that cherry cobbler might just be perfect.

So I made it for dessert.

psst...I haven't baked since Christmas.

Winter is passing. Slowly, but surely.


Through the darkness of future past
the magician longs to see
one chance out between two worlds:
Fire Walk With Me!

Monday, February 8, 2010

i did not, part two


While packing up my stuff for Sewing Tuesday I did not drop my very full pincushion on the border of the wood floor/carpet in the living room, scattering my new 250 glass head pins everywhere, but mostly into the white carpet.

After finding (hopefully) all of the pins, I did not find cat poop peeking it's grotesque head out from underneath our bathroom rug at midnight. After cleaning all day on sunday, meaning floor, rug, and the damn cat box.

Empty cat box, bathroom rug- well, since I love to sleep on the rug all day, I choose that one. Cow! (said like jerry says newman!)


I wasn't talking to my mom about my sister when she walked in the door and totally heard something that I said very loudly out of context. (I still feel bad, sorry Mal.)


I did not call in sick to work an hour before my shift, making my boss go in for me. I did not then lay in bed all day, feeling miserable and sorry for myself.


I did not eat a twinkie when we got home from our friends house at 1:30 a.m. And then I certainly did not proceed to go straight to bed without brushing my teeth. Nuh-uh.


While doing the weekly laundry, I did not impulsively decide to wash our mattress pad at 8:30 p.m. So we definitely won't have to listen to the dryer wheezing into the night trying to get the huge still wet thing dry. (At least it's not clunking.)

Sunday, February 7, 2010

saturday night is bowling night!

Nan & Mike, Me & Danny kickin it at a somewhat ghetto bowling alley. So much fun! We love hanging with our only couple friends! And since they might not be here for much longer, we want to keep it going as long as we can!

We went to the Ritz first, (because their sign is so cool) but the line was long and full of unattractive smoky people. Also, it was Cosmic Bowling. You know- black lights, Metallica. Not a very good environment for hip photo taking.

So we left, and found a regular lit, no music playing bowling alley. We waited for an hour & 15 minutes- good thing we had a lot to catch up on! and then got called up. Yea!

As we were all picking out our balls (ha), I heard my name being called. It was Lindsey, a girl I used to work with! Her and her husband were out on a double date too. It was so great to see those 2, they are so adorable together! (great minds think alike, and it was Nan's idea to go bowling. Thanks for getting our lazy asses out of the house!)

The cute-est shoes ever.





Nan won, I lost.

Look how freakin long Danny's hair is!

Since I always take the photos, and am never actually in them, I asked Danny to help me out and take some pics of me. This is what I ended up with. Well. Not quite what I was thinking...

Mike and his famous kick, that made him fall into the lane. Twice. Wish I had caught it!


Mike purposefully makes this face whenever I try to take his photo. Who? Me?

2nd game, Danny won, Nan lost. And I even got some strikes!

A little game of Deer Hunter to wind down the evening.

It was a really fun night. I felt like a normal person, out with DH and some good friends- I haven't been feeling so normal lately, with the winter blues and all. I even think Danny & I as a couple have the blues, so we have been trying for the last 2 weeks to get out more together, so last week we went out to eat every other night- we used up the stack of gift cards we have been forgetting about for the last year or so. It's been so nice, being a part of the real world, and we definitely feel better! Getting out of the kitchen without spending any money? Perfect!