Friday, February 12, 2010

Albert- on your way here, stop by the lamplighter inn for lunch. They have a cherry pie there- that'l kill ya!

who killed laura palmer?

I love t.v. (obviously)

Danny and I just finished watching Twin Peaks. (again)

I heart Twin Peaks. It's by David Lynch, and it's quirky, strange, nonsensical and wonderful.

It had a short run of 2 seasons, but the fact that a t.v. show that strange was actually on t.v. is enough for me.

Harry: do you think they spotted us? Cooper: give me a doughnut!

When I watch that show, all I want to eat are doughnuts, cherry pie, and coffee. So one night when we went to Johanna's for dinner, I ordered coffee and cherry pie for dessert. Being in a diner and all, I was in the spirit of things.

It was a HUGE disappointment.

So the next time I was at the grocery store, I bought stuff to make cherry pie. But I forgot about it, and never made it.

But this afternoon, as I was taking a little cat nap with the cats, I was struck again with the desire for cherry pie. But I didn't feel like making pie. So I thought that cherry cobbler might just be perfect.

So I made it for dessert.

psst...I haven't baked since Christmas.

Winter is passing. Slowly, but surely.


Through the darkness of future past
the magician longs to see
one chance out between two worlds:
Fire Walk With Me!

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