Friday, February 5, 2010

today is (technically) our 2 year anniversary

2 years ago today, Danny and I got married at the courthouse for 2 reasons. (I know I know, you didn't know that- cause we kept it a secret.)

Reason #1- I had quit my job that had health insurance, and the only way to get onto Danny's was if we were married.

Reason #2- We really wanted my best friend Mike to perform the ceremony, but he would have had to join and become a priest of an online church, and after talking with his bishop about it, he decided that it was a conflict of beliefs.

We needed 2 witnesses- so I asked my mom since she had the day free, and Danny asked his dad cause he works downtown and could get away from work easily.

Since this wasn't the real wedding, I didn't want it to be a big deal. But getting married, even at the courthouse, is a big deal. So when we got out to the car to go to the courthouse, my mom, dad and lil sis were all there. (We met Craig at the courthouse.) My cute mom had made me a bouquet, and Danny a corsage. She also brought me something old (her mom's wedding ring) borrowed (a silver bracelet of Loo loo's), new (the bouquet), and blue (ribbon on the bouquet).
( I wasn't planning on having any photos taken, so I didn't put any makeup on, and I wore a tee shirt and jeans. So classy.)

I just love elevators...

Wow, that's a great look I have on my face!

So serious!



Mr. & Mrs. Coates

I love my mom!!!

Craig, me & Danny

Mal & I

Making it official...

So tonight, to celebrate (not really) we went out to Red Robin for dinner! (I LOVE the bonsai burger!)


I can't wait for our real anniversary!

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