Wednesday, February 24, 2010

...and a side of bacon, please.

This year, (so far) Danny and I have been going on a Sunday afternoon "date" about once a month.

We go to brunch. Not breakfast, cause I don't get up that early. I love brunch. You get to sleep in, and eat your favorite breakfast treats!

I get coconut pancakes with real strawberry syrup. And sometimes, although I cannot no way no how finish it all, get scrambled eggs and bacon on the side. Mmmmm. (I feel like I have to have a bite or 2 of both to make it breakfast-y. And some OJ, if I didn't hate the kind they have there.)

Danny gets traditional breakfast- a little pile of everything, and OJ. Hash browns, scrambled eggs, bacon, and a short stack.

Afterwards, we go to a movie.

This time, we went to see Shutter Island. We really liked it! Won't say anything more. Just go see it. It's not scary. Just suspenseful.

I do have to say that I certainly do not at all one little bit miss "dating".
The dating game. Lame.

I so love love with all my heart and soul being married. To Danny.

The perfect man, for me.

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