Thursday, February 25, 2010

loo-loo tuesday

Since I didn't have any pressing sewing projects, I spent my day off with the Loo-loo. I picked her up from the community center, and said hi to some of her besties. Then it was store after store after store- she was very happy with that plan!

We went to my work so she could check out the newly re-arrainged stuff. Of to the makeup place for my monthly MD Skincare addiction. Then to the flower store. Got a refilled. (as loo-loo calls it- it being a huge cup o soda) while we were there in the presence of a fantastic bakery (for a grocery store, that is) we got some treats- a GIANT cookie monster cupcake, and some chocolate for me. The fabric store was next, where I bought WAY too many fat quarters. Then to my place to play some Wii.

Laughing about just how she will eat her giant cupcake...

Totally cute. Totally crazy. I think I would barf if I ate that whole thing.

Always has to have a shot with the tongue sticking out. Classic.

Aww. A good, cute, simple smile.

I was so glad that she wanted to play Wii. Cause I really needed to get some laundry done. But of course she decided she wanted to play the X-box instead. The Simpson's game. Which we found out very quickly was too hard for her to play.

So I had to play for her. It's a fun game, actually. We have had it forever, don't know why I have never tried it. Anyway- of course I got stuck, and played longer than I should have. Meaning that the clothes got put off, and I had to dry stuff at midnight. (clunk, clunk)

We ordered dinner from Pei Wei, drove to Bountiful, picked it up, then took her home and ate. It was really good! And, my fortune said this:

"You will be receiving a great surprise soon."

The next day, I found a giant hairball on the carpet. Hmmph.

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