Saturday, February 13, 2010

happy happy love day!

Valentine's Day is usually no big deal around here. I usually make a nice candlelit dinner, and we stay in and watch movies. But this year, Danny's grandma invited us to a Valentine's party at her house- a cookie decorating party!

Oh, how romantic! A whole day to make and decorate heart shaped sugar cookies with the best frosting in the world? The best idea ever! And, she asked me to make the frosting and help all the kids decorate their cookies- I love it! (photos to follow)

I got home from work tonight and started cleaning, straightening, etc... I was in the bedroom hanging with the cow when Danny came in and asked if I wanted my Valentine. Well of course I said yes! But first I had to apologize to Danny for not getting him anything. Because of the party, I didn't plan a nice candlelit dinner. I thought about getting him something, but I didn't.

My Valentine's gift was a little jewelry box from Iris- of course I started squealing and saying "Awww! you didn't have to get me anything! You are so sweet and wonderful!" Because I knew what it was before I opened it.

I had been oogling some silver eyelet earrings a few weeks ago, but I didn't buy them because they were more than I wanted to spend. They are so beautiful and unique! A little fancy, but not over the top- so I can wear them everyday.

I have been wearing the same wooden plugs for the last 9 years or so- I have my very fancy earrings that I wore for our wedding, but I don't wear them very often cause I want to keep them forever.

Silver Fleur Eyelets

So amazing.

And so so surprised and delighted at my husband getting them for me for sweethearts day.
(as Danny's grandma likes to say)

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