Wednesday, February 3, 2010

animal crackers

Have you ever had one of your favorite people surprise you with something you love?

My mom texted me while I was at work to say that she was in town and wanted to stop by. It was almost time for me to leave, so it was perfect timing. We were kind busy, so she had to wait for me- luckily she loves the store and got to look around for a bit. I grabbed my coat and she handed me a little red box- animal crackers. My childhood favorite! And a bottle of Dr. Pepper, of course.

Isn't my mom just the best?

I certainly think so!

(there is a really cute quilt pattern that my mom and I want to make called animal crackers.)

Just a thought: Some of the parents that come in with their kids on a regular basis buy them a little toy or book or something every time they come in. These kids are often hyper, they throw fits, and they usually leave screaming, despite getting a shiny new toy.

When we were little, (my brother and I) we sometimes got a shiny red box of animal crackers if we were good.

Oh, how I looked forward to being good and getting that precious box!

1 comment:

  1. Yep your mom is pretty cool!

    Animal crackers + Dr. Pepper = Yum!