Friday, December 17, 2010

A post a day until the end of the year...

Since it's my birthday month, and my blog...

15 (random) things about me:

1: I hate Christmas music.

2: I wish I had enough guts to wear red lipstick everyday. (Who am I kidding? Just once a month would be an improvement.)

3: My dream job is to make custom dollhouses, complete with furniture and all the little details.

4: I love being an auntie. Will my babies smell as delicious as baby Van does?

5: I am the only Utahn that despises fry sauce.

6: I want to move somewhere that has no snow. For a little while, at least. Utah will always be my home.

7: Anne Rice's vampires are my favorite. Joss Whedon's are in second place. The X-files version is last place- don't watch that episode. You'll only torture yourself. Trust me.

8: If I had the space (like a ranch), and an assistant (to clean the litter boxes), and the money (to spay and neuter them all) I would totally rescue every cat I could get my hands on.

9: I hope that having children will inspire me to have "Christmas spirit". Otherwise, I will have to send them over to Mike & Nan's for movies about Santa's workshop, Christmas music & figgy pudding. (you can make figgy pudding, right?)

10: I have been craving a Monte Cristo sandwich ever since I had one at the Westside Diner in Boise. Anyone know where I can get one in Utah?

11: I kill houseplants (including our real Christmas tree) because I forget to water them.

12: The acne I had as a teenager was nothing compared to the adult acne I have now.

13: I love the smell of tomato plants, yet I loathe tomatoes.

14: Last week, I got my very first crown. I like it. Could I just get all my teeth replaced with implants & crowns?

15: These days, I hardly ever wake up before 11 a.m.

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