Thursday, December 23, 2010

tiny houses made of modern

You've probably seen Emerson House, the amazing new modern dollhouse.

I kinda really want one. So I can make teeny tiny perfect furniture to fill it up. What I want even more is for my architect friend Mike to design one and help me build it from scratch.

You should have seen my barbie house. We had the house, but none of the accessories- so I made my own. (out of my mom's fabric/craft stash.)
(and mine was second-hand, missing all the windows and doors shown above.)

My cousin made fun of me once, we were about 10. She joked and laughed that one day I would make my own couch. She thought it was such an insult, now it just sounds stupid. But it didn't hurt my feelings, it just made me think- "Yeah! that would be amazing!"

I will leave the real couch making to Ikea- I have miniatures to dream about.

P.S. it's my birthday today.


  1. Happy Birthday!! So glad I stopped by and saw that is was your birthday. I'm probably your last well-wisher, but I hope it still counts. I hope you had a great day! Let's get together soon.

  2. So glad you still read!

    It definitely counts- thanks! I had a great day!

    Yes- we need to go to lunch or something- I need to see your beautiful children and your gorgeous self!