Wednesday, September 9, 2009

this is how i blog

I decided when I got up today that I wanted/needed to work on my blog(s). So I uploaded new photos to Picasa, edited them and updated the rag-a-muffin blog. Whenever I work on the computer, the cats crawl on top of me and fall fast asleep. Matilda is especially annoying, and I was thinking as she was blocking the screen and the keyboard that I wished I had a photo to post so you all could see how funny it is. Then I remembered that I now have the Mac, therefore I have Photobooth. (yes!) So here is a little story for you, told in photos. (pardon the hat, okay?)

The cow snuggles into her favorite spot, my belly.

Noodle walks on screen. This is what annoys me so.

She circles around, and looks at the screen. (it totally looks like I photoshopped her in, but I swear I didn't)

Noodle is back on the cat chair, and cow is still here. But with nunu gone, I can reach my DP.

Seriously, this happens about every 20 minutes or so. Now you know, and now I have proof, even though I look like a homeless person.

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