Friday, September 25, 2009

sister time

(I finally have internet! Here is a post from the other day when I had no internet.)

(we had some fun with photo booth, and these are Loo-loo's favorites))

My mind never stops running. And going. And spinning. And...You get the drift.

I had SO much to do on my day off, and no motivation to do it. And with my mind whirring and making me crazy and worrying about all the things I won’t get done cause I am too overwhelmed, I decided it was Loo-loo time. So I called my mom and asked her if I could take her for the day.

I picked her up from her day program and we (literally) went to town.

First I took her to my work to pick out a new uglydoll. She LOVES uglydolls. Then we got ourselves a soda, and went to Pibb’s, Orson Gygi, Paradise Bakery, Joann’s, and Bath and Body Works. She loves going places getting to bug and bother the salespeople, asking them impossible questions, and asks if I will buy her everything in every store. So why do I love taking her around town when I have so much to do and no energy to do it? When I take her on high-stress days, my mom always says “Are you sure?”

She is the happiest person I know. She keeps me guessing, and always cheers me up. In other words, she gives me happiness and motivation when I have none. She keeps my mind from whirring. I can focus, have fun, and get stuff done while spending QT with my sister.

While we waited for Danny to come home from work, she played some Wii while I got some stuff done around the house. Then we all went to dinner at the usual spot- Red Robin.

We sat by a young family that had a baby. Loo-loo does not do so well with screaming and crying kids (she punches and kicks the person closest to her, and threatens to give the offender a knuckle sandwich). But he was a nice kid, and didn’t cry. He did yell once, and Loo-loo elbowed me. So I asked her, “what are you going to do when Danny and I have kids and they cry? Are you going to elbow me then too?” She apologized and said very quietly, “No.”

We finished dinner, and she needed to use the restroom so I took her. While she was in the stall, I heard her talking, so I said “What did you say?” And she said “Oh nothing, never mind, talk to myself.” So I started listening.

“Okay, now where was I? Oh yeah. So, Jesus. I talking about Jessica and Danny have a baby. I hope it real soon, yea real soon. Oh, and I hope it’s a girl. Okay? I really hope it’s a girl. But if there be two babies, there can be a boy too. Okay? Okay! And I hope my mom take me to Walmart this week. I have Walmart card, you know. Okay.”

Sweet, sweet sister. I love her SO much. Every time I take her for the day she asks me about our future children. The usual line is “Jessica, when you have a baby? Is it a boy or a girl? Is it twins or triplets?” It’s always then that I interject with “ Loo-Loo!” And she says, “Oh, sorry! I forgot not a bug you about babies anymore.”

No, no, we are not expecting. I just wanted to share Loo-loo’s little prayer with you.

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  1. LOL, I am all too familiar about Lindsay asking about babies. :)

    I loved it when she would want to feel the baby kick and she would swear that she felt something even though I felt nothing.

    That was an awesome prayer!