Monday, December 9, 2013

the robins nest

Before heading out to Utah for Thanksgiving, Nan mentioned that she was stressing over needing to get family photos taken, and how she didn't want to pay for stupid studio shots. 

So I said I'd do it. I'm not a pro by any means, nor have I done it very much, but what she wanted was low key and Mike had some idea's for poses. Or non-poses as Mike is anti-pose.

 photo IMG_1027_zps06dc1db8.jpg
Oh Nan, you are so pretty!

 photo IMG_0996_zps08812f78.jpg
Henry boy!!!!

 photo IMG_1163_zps347c6ee1.jpg
Mike, who will never look at the camera and smile. 

 photo IMG_1101_zpsf3d8839d.jpg
And Van. I told him to put his hands in his pockets, and he did it with a smile. This kid will let you take his photo no matter what you want. Please be this way forever!

This sequence squeezes my heart tightly and then melts in into a puddle.

 photo IMG_1345_zpscfa45e71.jpg
Mom and Van.

 photo IMG_1348_zps918d2085.jpg
Come on Henry! Join us!

 photo IMG_1362_zps50053f81.jpg
Ok little brother, I'll help you.

 photo IMG_1368_zpse72a1fa9.jpg

 photo IMG_1374_zps65b6ef01.jpg
So cute!

 photo IMG_1398_zpsa379bbfd.jpg
You guys, even though you aren't blood, you are my family through and through.

 photo IMG_1420_zpsa3f8cd06.jpg
Henry, always goooooooing.

An outtake:

 photo IMG_0990_zps24736898.jpg
A serious face from the beginning of the shoot. 

I hope these worked out for you! 

I loved doing it, let's do it again! I need practice!

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