Wednesday, April 3, 2013

jet lag

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I found some baht leftover from our trip. Colorful money is so much fun!

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I am a candy hoarder. Those little gummy cone thingies were amazing, and that Royce chocolate is to die for. Asians know how to do sugar.

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From scratch biscuit breakfast sandwiches FTW. Not nearly as good as Pine State, but I'll take it.

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I can't sleep. So I'm gonna fix this crazy mess.

 photo IMG_9087_zps5db01873.jpg
Much better, but that didn't take long...

 photo IMG_9089_zpsded76f0a.jpg
I guess I'll eat cereal while Danny sleeps. Man, I hope this doesn't last long!

I went to quietly get a Dr Pepper out of the fridge, since I'll be up all night I might as well be productive. I'm lazy so I just stick the whole 6 pack of bottles in the fridge when I come home from the store. 

So when I want one I have to cut that stupid plastic ring to free it from the others. Well, while trying to be super quiet, I pierced the damn bottle and it sprayed everywhere. All over the fridge, the floor, until I wrangled it into the sink, hole side down. I thought for sure I'd woken Danny, but thankfully I didn't.

Sometimes living in a loft isn't the greatest. But I got a lot of sewing done!

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