Monday, April 1, 2013

i wish we had a wedding video

You haaaaaaaave to watch these. They perfectly portray our experience in Thailand, and they are just so beautiful.

I start tearing up after watching this one...

...and I pretty much bawl when I watch this one. 

Zach did such an amazing job at capturing all the amazing parts of this trip. I love seeing the Thai ceremony again and the dancing at the wedding? Kills me. Visnu and his mom. Jane and her brother. How Jane and Visnu are together? That's exactly how they are in real life.

OMG thank you so much guys, for letting us be a part of something so amazing.

Best wedding ever.

I wish so much that we had something like this from our wedding! But videographers at that time in Utah were just not that great, yet still insanely expensive. Ah well, we do have amazing photos!

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