Friday, March 29, 2013

sandy beaches and squatty toilets

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Most people flew out the next day, but we stayed for another 2 days. Wahooo- beach day!

Isn't that water gorgeous???

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Danny enjoying the ocean.

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The greatest part about vacationing near a beach is the time we spend playing in the water together. I loooove it. We need to do it more....

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I love floating in the water. It's so relaxing.

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Just hanging out, probably had an ice cold coke nearby.

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We saw this cute thai kitty chilling on the resort grounds.

I messed up our flights by accident, so we ended up having to fly back to Bangkok to fly back home. So it cut our trip short a day, but we still had fun. We stayed at the hotel at the airport so it would be easy for us to get back and forth. 

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We got up early and took the train into Bangkok for one last time.

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It was very overcast that day, which was very nice.

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We went to a different mall, and there were like 3 Crocs stores. Creepy guys!

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Thai McDonalds.

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McGrilled chicken curry. LOL.

We flew back to Tokyo....

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And I finally saw a squatty toilet! But I didn't want to risk peeing on myself, so I opted for the regular toilet. 

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Japanese Dr Pepper!

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This was a coffee drink with coffee gelatinous stuff on the bottom. I thought I'd like it, but not so much.

 photo IMG_8975_zpsd129dcdc.jpg
A coke for Danny.

The plane from Tokyo to SF was sooooo nice. It was brand new and had tv's in the seats. Our first flight, the one I was so miserable on? It was old! Like a boxy-tv-in-the-ceiling-every-10-rows old. So watching movies wasn't an option. And I will say- watching movies saved me. A long flight is SO MUCH BETTER if you can watch movies. 

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Hm, is this lobster baby sauce?

 photo IMG_9053_zps0e241d8d.jpg
The snacks and the food was so much better too! I love flying from Japan!

So, a totally crazy thing happened on this flight. When we first got on the plane, two men were fighting a few rows behind and to the left of us. One man was Indian, and he took off his shoes, and the Japanese man sitting next to him threw a fit. He said his feet were stinky and he demanded that his shoes remain on during the flight. The flight attendants had to break it up a few times before we took off. Anyway, when we had about 4 hours left in the flight, there was some commotion behind us. The fight attendants were flocking together and speaking Japanese really fast. I just figured it was the men and ignored it. Then more flight attendants came back so I turned around, and a man sitting right behind us had stopped breathing, and the man next to him was giving him mouth to mouth. He finally got him breathing again, so they laid the man across that row of seats. Crazy right? 

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OMG noodlebug was SO FREAKING EXCITED that we were home!

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And I was excited to put my rings on again. (I left them home because Thailand isn't exactly know for it's safety.)

We took a nap. In our bed. Ahhhhh.

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Then we went to our favorite breakfast place- Just for You for some american food. Danny had gotten sick of Thai food- but I wasn't. 

And that's it! Our great adventure that made us world travelers!

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