Wednesday, March 20, 2013

temple day

The next day we got together with our new friends (Mary and Chris! Megan and Moustafa!) and some old ones (Aniyia and Marco!) and went back to the mall for some food. After eating, some of the boys went off to get tailored suits and the rest of us went to see some temples. (I regret not visiting the tailoring place on another day, I could have gotten some seriously amazing custom jeans for next to nothing.)

 photo IMG_8571_zps02b12a3b.jpg
We took the train to the boat that took us to the Grand Palace.

We're on a boat! Hi!

 photo IMG_8110_zpse944b736.jpg

We got off the boat and made our way to the palace.

It was hot. Over 100 degrees and high humidity.

 photo IMG_8144-001_zps2912f5f0.jpg
Wall outside the Grand Palace.

 photo IMG_8132_zps1c745c5e.jpg
The Palace has some strange/stupid rules. Danny purposefully wore closed toe shoes and I brought a skirt to put over my shorts so that we could get in. They wouldn't let Danny in without pants. They tried to SELL him some pants. So us girls went in to see what how much it was to get in and so forth.

It was like $30 a person, and they were closing in 20 minutes.

 photo IMG_8577_zpsfaba6994.jpg
So we snapped some shots outside, and left.

It was soooooo nice to meet these new people- also friends of Jane and Visnu, and get along with them so well. Everyone was so down to earth, and go with the flow. We were all grateful for each other- standing in that heat we were all nervously waiting for the other to proclaim "Buuuuut I wanna see it ALL!" And then none of us did and we didn't care and then we all laughed and became best friends.

We walked down the street to Wat Po.

(the temple of the reclining buddha, and a monastery)

 photo IMG_8252_zps3f946337.jpg
And it was filled with amazingness. So many pretty structures, statues, etc. And shade! And free water! And like half the price of the Grand Palace! We felt like we hit the jackpot.

 photo IMG_8188_zpscda4e6f6.jpg
A quiet moment.

 photo IMG_8203_zps4c5815d1.jpg
The donation bowls.

 photo IMG_8185_zps0cc0bc32.jpg
Handmade silk flowers.

 photo IMG_8154-001_zpsc159591b.jpg
I studied this buddha in school, so it was so incredible to see it in person.

 photo IMG_8174_zpsdc108fbe.jpg
Soooooo long.

 photo IMG_8582_zpsc71e5a3c.jpg

 photo IMG_8200_zps77f7bacd.jpg
On the soles of his feet are these intricate mother of pearl inlays.

 photo IMG_9034_zpsf1766afa.jpg

 photo IMG_8314_zpsaa80c2c6.jpg
Gold everywhere.

 photo IMG_8234_zps9e7e4fba.jpg
Is it just me, or are you thinking what snow would do to these beautiful roofs?

Just me.

 photo IMG_8250_zps2095b1b2.jpg
Intricate is their jam.

 photo IMG_8255-001_zpsb570350c.jpg
All those tiny glass petals!

 photo IMG_8271_zps0986dab8.jpg

 photo IMG_8279_zpsbd735e23.jpg
This one is my favorite. It was in a little building all by itself.

 photo IMG_9038_zps696bad44.jpg
Seriously, all that tile! Such talent. And patience.

 photo IMG_8290_zps7598c0d9.jpg

 photo IMG_8295_zps12fcd59f.jpg

 photo IMG_8306_zps08a049bc.jpg

 photo IMG_8322_zps3f410154.jpg
I love these little guys. They tell a story...

 photo IMG_8328_zps0cd810d1.jpg
...but I don't know it.

 photo IMG_8333_zps2f3b9e62.jpg

 photo IMG_8341_zps42fff254.jpg
I love that someone left flowers in his hands.

 photo IMG_8345_zps0d9a48c3.jpg
Such amazing little details.

 photo IMG_8346_zps6f892269.jpg

 photo IMG_9015_zps63f2f5f9.jpg

 photo IMG_8538_zps8ec72650.jpg

 photo IMG_8589_zpsa433256e.jpg

 photo IMG_9042_zpsf3358539.jpg
I looooove lily pads.

 photo IMG_9044_zps7419ded4.jpg
And their pretty flowers.

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