Friday, March 22, 2013

to chatuchak market

I didn't even know it existed until Aniyia told me about it, and I'm sooooo glad I went! Aniyia and Marco went super early, but since we all like to sleep in- Mary, Megan and I went around noon. It was super easy to get to, we just took the train. I thought I'd need to learn a few Thai words while we were there, but I didn't. Getting around was so easy!

 photo IMG_8630_zps1cd878cf.jpg
Oh hey cowboy!

 photo IMG_8629_zps3fb3128b.jpg
Lots and lots of goodies!

 photo IMG_8631_zps617e0271.jpg
OMG thai banana stand!

 photo IMG_8628_zps76afce98.jpg
We turned into giggling schoolgirls when we saw these bunnies. I looooooove bunnies.

I really want one as a pet, (not from thailand) but Danny isn't convinced that they can be litter trained or get along with cats and plus I am super allergic to them so ok fine.

 photo IMG_8599_zps1def80e1.jpg
Sad bun bun.

It was soooooo hot, the animals were clearly overheated, and it was kinda sad. 

 photo IMG_8604_zpsceccd78f.jpg
OMG so tiny!

 photo IMG_8606_zps57389628.jpg
And some puppies. You had to be super careful around the dogs- rabies is a huge problem in Thailand. 

They had all kinds of animals for sale- bunnies (with dresses!) puppies, birds and kitties. The kitties were the saddest, they were outside and looked like they desperately needed water. I kinda had to leave that area quickly before I snatched them all away.

I got some great fabric while I was there, along with trinkets and souvenirs. We stayed as long as we could, the heat was unbearable. We even had lunch there- from a cart! I had chicken satay from a cart! It was fabulous. 

The day before, after the temples, Marco, Aniyia, Danny and I went in search of this fabric district I had read about in my travel guide. It said it was amazing, awesome, etc.

It wasn't. It was hard to find, and all they had was sequins and lace. If you are into apparel, then maybe it was a great find, but for me, not so much. Think fancy fabrics for prom and bridesmaids, formal stuff. I didn't get anything. If I had know how awesome the market was, I wouldn't of bothered with the other.

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