Monday, March 18, 2013

we flew across the world

It's time to tell you about that time we went to Thailand for Jane and Visnu's wedding extravaganza!

 photo IMG_8401_zps3e14ee21.jpg
SFO to Tokyo- 10 hours.

I decided that trying to sleep was a great idea. It didn't work, and I missed lunch, meaning I was starving by the time we landed in Tokyo.

It was SO exciting to be in Japan, even if it was only for a few hours in the airport. I REALLY want to go there someday, and I REALLY REALLY want to go there while the cherry blossoms are in bloom.

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Danny was so very excited to eat sushi in Japan. 

I however, was looking for something more...

 photo IMG_8429_zpsd28e0eee.jpg

This was the worst hotdog I have ever had in my life. I had about two bites before I spit it out. Definitely not a costco hotdog. Costco hotdogs are the best!

 photo IMG_8439_zpscfed62b8.jpg
Tokyo to Bangkok, 7 hours.

I learned very quickly that I don't do well on long flights. I was hungry, tired, and I felt totally crazy. Danny was passed out on my lap in this photo.

I can sleep anywhere, so the fact that I can't sleep on planes drives me crazy. I'm not usually claustrophobic, but on planes I feel like IneedtogetoutofhererightnoworI'mgonnapunchsomeonehelp. I take a lot of bathroom breaks- not to pee but to get away from everyone. 

 photo IMG_8442_zps877fccda.jpg
Finally, just after midnight. My feet and legs were so swollen. I've never had swollen feet before! I was so ready to crash after being awake for more than 24 hours.

 photo IMG_8482_zps361af24b.jpg
The view out our window, that bright pink cab is my fav.

After getting some sleep, I felt great! The time change didn't seem to affect me much- but Danny was pretty tired. 

While in Bangkok we stayed at an apartment we found on Airbnb, it was right around the corner from Jane and Visnu's hotel. We walked over and met everyone for a trip to the uber mall!

 photo IMG_9054_zps5bba3a9c.jpg
The trains in Bangkok were amazing. They were fast, on time, and sooooo clean! They felt luxurious compared to urine smelling BART cars (the underground train that goes across the bay) and homeless filled MUNI cars. 

Note to San Francisco, get with it.

 photo IMG_8476_zps90db3f77.jpg
Jane is the best tour guide!

 photo IMG_8477_zps3f754442.jpg
The malls in Bangkok are HUUUUUGGGGGEEEE. In this one there is an entire floor dedicated to electronics, and a Maserati dealership. 

 photo IMG_8479_zps1ad83809.jpg
I found it especially hilarious that in the midst of all the newest Apple products, there was this display counter of calculators. 

You can play with the ipad, but don't touch these vintage items.

 photo IMG_8478_zps2ee08b32.jpg
Super cute desserts filled the food court. We all scattered to find some lunch, and then milled about the mall exchanging money and shopping. 

That evening the girls got together for thai massages and dinner, and the guys met in the hotel bar to drink before going out to the clubs. 

Thai massage. OMG. We all got foot massages for about $7. We sat in overstuffed reclining chairs in a super dark room while petite women worked on our legs and feet for an hour. AN HOUR. Near the end, they had you sit on a stool while they worked on your neck and literally climbed on your back and stuck their knees in your shoulder blades. It's super intense- but it feels so, so relaxing. Trust- if you ever go to Thailand, go to Health Land. They are all over the city.

 photo IMG_8569_zps9a9a35b9.jpg
Then we went to dinner at Cabbages and Condoms. Jane saw it on a travel show, so we went there.

Why condoms? From the restaurants website:

"Our restaurant was conceptualized in part to promote better understanding and acceptance of family planning and to generate income to support various development activities of the Population and Community Development Association (PDA)"

There were a ton of strange condom sculptures throughout the restaurant, it was odd and kinda gross.

 photo IMG_8495_zpsf18fb6b5.jpg
But this pad thai was excellent. The amazing thing about Thai food in America is that it's not all that different from the real thing. So what you eat at home, you'll eat in Thailand. 

I had a lot of pad thai.

We ended the night at the hotel's bar while waiting for the boys to come back. 

 photo IMG_8650_zps3571eb37.jpg
The next day was the Thai ceremony!

Visnu is Thai, and a lot of his family and family friends live in Thailand. So they had the Thai ceremony in Bangkok so the family could attend. (the american ceremony was in Phuket a few days later)

 photo IMG_8635_zps5d163c24.jpg
They had condensed version (apparently it's very long and boring to non thai people) of a Thai water ceremony. It was awesome. Everyone got up and gave wishes to the couple.

I find it odd that I don't have ANY photos of the actual ceremony. I guess I was being shy? Or didn't want to get in the way of the real photographers?

 photo IMG_8654_zpsf8d79d2a.jpg
This cupcake.

That frosting looks great right?

It's unsalted, pink tinted butter. Straight up butter. LOL Thailand!

 photo IMG_8651_zps41003fa7.jpg
These tiny purple dumplings were Danny's favorite. I wasn't into them, cold dumplings are creepy.

 photo IMG_8652_zpsac99d139.jpg
Jane and Visnu!

Jane's thai dress was soooooo pretty. And Visnu changed out of his traditional garb before I could get a photo. 

 photo 6c2bc3fa-93b7-4e11-94d4-b77c02efd170_zpsde43c357.jpg
They had everyone chilling on their master suite after we ate because there was an election that day, so the hotel couldn't serve liquor during the reception. I snuck a picture of the fancy bed!

 photo IMG_8649_zpsf7215059.jpg
Bangkok is know for fancy structures next to dilapidated ones, and our apartment was no exception. This is the outside of our place, and a view of the lot next to us. Yes, people live in those huts, or whatever they are. 

 photo IMG_8480_zpsafcdfa37.jpg
Some crazy power lines. Reminds me of Mexico. Except that it's much lower, crazier and scarier in Mexico.

to be continued!

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