Monday, March 25, 2013

a slow boat to phuket

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We flew from Bangkok to Phuket sunday morning (march 3rd) for the american wedding.

We found our accommodations in Phuket through airbnb just like we did in Bangkok. But it wasn't exactly perfect for our situation.
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Outside and the view from our window.

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The place was nice enough, but it was farther from the resort where everyone else was staying than I thought when I booked the room, and with the heat being hotter than it was in Bangkok, walking was not an option. Also, no restaurants were nearby.

It was so damn hot and being that close to one of the most beautiful beaches in the world was killing me. Heat turns me into a monster. So we decided to see if we could get a room at the resort.

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We took a tuk tuk down to the resort which was a bit of a pain- the resort didn't like letting tuk tuk's in unless you were a guest.

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Yea! A resort! I felt like it was a mirage, I was so exhausted.

We decided to see if we could get a room at the resort. And hooray, they had one! So we jumped ship. We took a taxi back to the other place, grabbed our bags and checked into the resort.

Since our other room was so cheap, we just left it.

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Our new view. Ohhhhh yessssss.

We ripped our clothes off, put on our bathing gear and headed to the beach for a sunset swim.

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So amazing, right?

The next morning, after a hearty breakfast mostly consisting of pineapple, and these amazing little pineapple danishes, ( I looooove pineapple!) we set out on a boat trip.

Before we disembarked, Danny and I took turns lathering each other up with sunscreen. Everyone was making fun of our routine, until later...

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An all day boat trip, sailing around the beautiful thai islands, with snorkeling, lunch and swimming at Phi Phi!

 photo IMG_8780_zpscc433db1.jpg
Picture perfect sky.

 photo IMG_8732_zpsa690ad43.jpg
We were surrounded by gorgeous.

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Hi everybody!

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After running around Bangkok for three days, it was nice to sit, relax and hang with all our new friends.

 photo IMG_8743_zps374f3f36.jpg
We were supposed to be headed to some fantastical snorkeling spot, but the crew said the water was too choppy due to the bad weather, (ugh, what?) so they insisted on taking us to James Bond Island while we waited for the "weather" to get better.

 photo IMG_8770_zpsea8e6724.jpg
It was pretty, but super touristy and very busy. We had to get off the boat onto a smaller boat, and since they were busy taking people on and off of the island to other boats, it took forever and all we wanted to do was go snorkeling, ugh.

 photo IMG_8765_zps43e6109d.jpg
This is pretty awesome, I'm glad we stopped here.

 photo IMG_8761_zps695cfbb8.jpg

 photo IMG_9017_zps09ce5637.jpg
Kinda touristy.

 photo IMG_9024_zpscb01ceb1.jpg
Oh hey! Check out that calculator!!!

When we finally got back on the boat, we were told that we still couldn't head towards the snorkeling place, that we needed to have lunch first.

It was hot, we were all waiting and waiting and got told we had to wait some more and I had been in the sun for 6 hours and I was tired?

Ok, then Phuket. This was about the journey, not the destination. 

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So I went down and took a nap. With some others that had the same idea. Hi Michael!

 photo IMG_9060_zpsf83db551.jpg
Kayla and Jane.

 photo IMG_9059_zps407ac03e.jpg

 photo IMG_9058_zpsc4b84745.jpg
Jane taking her nephew Ryder's photo.

 photo IMG_8809_zps34dca3c9.jpg
Hey there Danny.

 photo IMG_8810_zps0ba3a8c5.jpg
I accidentally took this- I was trying to take a photo of the water and didn't realize the camera was turned around.

 photo IMG_8808_zps05491674.jpg
Marco and Aniyia.

 photo IMG_8818_zps8b14af3d.jpg
Thanks for this awesome shot Moustafa!

After my nap, we had lunch. I felt muuuuuch better. Then the crew told us it was too late to go snorkeling. So no snorkeling, ok let's go to Phi Phi and swim and take awesome photos!

Nope, can't go there. Undercurrents or some bullshitstupidseeItoldyouI'mamonsterwhenI'mhotgrrrrrr.

It's about the JOURNEY, remember?

So they took us to the nearest island so we could at least get some beach time.

 photo IMG_8812_zpsab7b37a1.jpg
By this time however, everyone was sunburned and most people were drunk. We all lazed about in the shallow water, grateful for the relief it brought from the sun, and laughed about how apparently this boat had definitely taken us for a "ride".

I'm short tempered when I'm hot, and I'm not good at waiting. If I had know it was just going to be a long pretty boat ride I would have been fine, and not so disappointed at every turn. But I had been looking forward to snorkeling in Thailand for months. So excuse my bad attitude, I really did have fun and I am really glad we went, it's just.

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It took a few more hours to get back, but now that we were no longer waiting for anything and the sun wasn't as hot, we relaxed and chatted.

 photo IMG_8819_zps45cde1c3.jpg
Then it was back on a bus to the resort. Boy was I glad to be out of the sun.

That evening we went and ate at the sushi restaurant. (there are like 5 restaurants!) I had a fillet mignon from australia, it was incredible. Danny had sushi of course and then we went to bed.

I don't really get motion sickness- but after the all day boat ride, laying in bed almost killed me. I felt like I was spinning and ugh, it took me forever to fall asleep. Does that happen to any of you? After motion motion sickness?

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