Wednesday, March 27, 2013

jane and visnu's wedding extravaganza!

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The next day was the wedding day! It was at 4, so we had plenty of time to sleep in, get brunch, be lazy, and get ready.

A few people were badly sunburned- Visnu's friend Mark was the worst. He was red as a lobster pretty quickly- he told Jane that he kept putting the sunscreen on that was in the gift bags she handed out- but there was no sunscreen in the bags. He had been putting the bug repellant on all day! Poor guy. Lucky for us (and we used alllll of our sunscreen up on that boat ride) we didn't even get tan lines. Woo!

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I made Visnu's bowtie! I made a few, with different fabrics that Jane picked out ,and then they picked their favorite for the wedding.

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Meet our new friends!

Moustafa and Megan, Gladys and Chris.

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Gladys and Megan are seriously so cute!

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Aniyia, Gladys, Megan and Me.

 photo IMG_8398-001_zpsb16963b0.jpg
I loved all the beachy details.

 photo IMG_9045_zps58624663.jpg
Gah, is this a dream wedding or what???

 photo IMG_8406_zps866d1752.jpg
OMG it was so hot- these fans were totally necessary.

Right after I took this photo it started POURING rain! Like torrential tropical rain. It only last like 10 minutes though.

 photo IMG_8519_zpsb733272c.jpg
I love Jane's favors! Thai whiskey filled the bottles. (she graciously filled mine with fresh pineapple juice!)

 photo IMG_8502_zpsfc8df8d1.jpg
Lil Ryder before the ceremony.

 photo IMG_8414_zpsa676cba5.jpg
Aniyia and Marco. And I think the photobomber is Mark. Or maybe not.

I stole the next two photos from Jane's website. Hi Jane I hope you don't care!

 photo wedding-1_zps8db8428b.jpg
I wanted you all to see Janes amaaaaaazing dress.

And meet Valentine, the elephant that lives in the jungle next to the resort!

 photo wedding-2_zps27ff8568.jpg
The bottom of her dress detached so she could party!

So amazing, right???

 photo IMG_8470_zpsd4bc6bb3.jpg
Mmmmm, we had these delicious drinks after the ceremony.

 photo IMG_8569-001_zpsec99474d.jpg
Jane took insta photos of all the guests on boat day for the place cards. She did so much of the wedding details, it was amazing.

 photo IMG_9051_zpsc6555699.jpg

We had an amazing dinner. I had steak again (soooo good) and there was fresh ice cream and lots of desserts.

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By the time the cake was cut, I had left to take my dress off and put something breathable on. I didn't even have cake! They cut it with a machete, it was hilarious.

 photo IMG_9048_zpsaba99f70.jpg
Ryder all passed out with a kiss from the bride.

I have some truly amazing videos that I took- but I'm not able to upload them! Grrrr! Check out my Vine account, my username is sixorangesocks if you want to see them.

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