Thursday, February 28, 2013


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1. Out running errands.

2. I'm back on the sauce. Just while I'm working, uh, and when I clean. And I limit myself to only one a day. Mostly.

3. I made Jane some decorative pillows for her new couch.

4. We've been dogsitting for our neighbor Kimberly. This is Lu-lu.

5. I started running. More on that later.

6. This is how I feel after running.

7. I made cinnamon swirl cupcakes for a dinner party. They were a hit. I had 5.

8 & 9. Lots of cuddling with the bug.

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1. I found the coolest store in the Mission. It's called Therapy.

2. Packing for Thailand.

3. Early Easter candy.

4. 3 day juice cleanses are not for the weak. They make you weak. It was rough, but totally worth it.

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  1. Totally want to do a cleanse,but I'm a chicken. haha!