Thursday, January 31, 2013


I have dropped the ball on blogging. Big time.

A lot of my fav bloggers have stopped I think it has influenced my writers block. That, and I have been avoiding learning the new version of Photobucket. I don't like it.


Since I have forgotten everything I wanted to blog about, I'm just going to post some photos from each month as a faux catch up.

Here's January:

 photo IMG_9181_zps881f445c.jpg
1. I have been "tutoring" (helping) our friends kid Matthew with his homework once a week ever since September. He's hilarious!

2. Love my noodlebug!

3. I also love my red clogs.

4. An afternoon at the MOMA.

5. I started working out, in order to lose a few before our trip to Thailand (more on that later)

6. Hanging with Jane.

7. I've fallen in love with Uniqlo.

8. I do a lot of cuddling with my bug.

9. At the carwash...

I took a break in January from the shop. After the Holiday Renegade Show and my disastrously late shipping of the family's gifts, I needed it. I ended up sending them out after new years. Oops. 

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  1. I hate that everyone is quitting blogging. I'm getting pathetic too, but its still my favorite of the social medium platforms. I still love checking in on you! ;)