Friday, June 25, 2010

having fun!

Is it really Friday?!?

I have been such a blabbing blogger lately, I bet you are wondering where I have been! I spent Monday and Tuesday with the Loo-loo...

Monday I took Loo-loo to her favorite store- Walmart. She got a giftcard for her birthday that has been burning a hole in her wallet. She got a new t-shirt, some $5 sunglasses, and some m&m's.

Loo-loo in her brand new Oscar the grouch t-shirt.

Do you know what Oscar says? S-C-R-A-M!

Tuesday I took her to Wheeler Farm. She really wanted to milk a cow, so we went for the 5 o'clock milking. I figured it would be a little dusty, but I didn't anticipate the smell. Let's just say that I won't be taking my future children to milk any cows. Loo-loo was just sure she would get a brown cow to milk, and her name would be Bessie.

As her incredible luck would have it, she was a brown cow. But her name was Lola, and she is 6 months pregnant. I didn't know you could milk a pregnant cow! I still don't know that you should milk a pregnant cow.

She even knew how to do it- she didn't need any help!

The smell of warm milk laying around everywhere made me queasy.

This is mama cow Dolly and one day old baby cow Molly.

The rest of my week was spent sewing. Big surprise. I gotta take some pics, then I can show you the amazing stuff I have been making!

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