Monday, August 8, 2011

a mr. monkey for mr. van

I've been waiting for months to make this little guy for my favoritest nephew for his 1st birthday. Ever since I bought the pattern waaay back in January.

Newsboy hat...

Blue eyes...

I made sure to dress him in an outfit appropriate for church- 'cause Van is going to love him so much he will insist on taking him everywhere.

And the details- I'm all about the details. I had SO much fun obsessing and designing the details!

Like the pockets- front...

...and back...

And his little Van's slip-ons.

But I've saved the best for last...

A pirate dress up set.


Are you dying yet? Cuz I am. All over again.

All that's missing is a tiny little parrot. Seen any around?

Look out, matey!

(Don't worry- its only felt!)

And now you've seen our yellow walls. I'm not much of a yellow person, so I was worried that I would hate them- but I've actually grown quite fond of them.


  1. YES.... I'm totally dying!! So freaking adorable!!!!
    I'm so giddy for Leah's "made by jessica" treasure!!
    xox - Kim

  2. yes i am dying and i get to look at it everyday!! like with every made my jessica creation i am so hesitant to let van play with it just yet cause i don't want him to get it gross! but don't worry, i will. that's what its made for!! i love it! thank you so much again!