Friday, August 12, 2011

it's a wee wonderful world

The shop is now stocked to the brim with these lovely dolls...







You know me- I can't just make one of something, I have to make 6. Besides, I needed to have my shop all stocked up before I get a job, right? Cause what if I get too busy and I can't make any?

Haha. I'm so good at justifying my sewing addiction.

And right after I took these photos, as I was uploading them to my computer- my Tilda kitty ran across the cord and brought my camera crashing into the hardwood floor. Busting the bejesus out of my new lens that I got in the mail a few days before. Because the old one got broken in the move.

So, buy some dolls!

So I can by the non-plastic version of my fav lens! Ok?

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