Wednesday, August 3, 2011

heading back... Utah. (just for a visit!)

I'm staying with my Lindsay Loo-loo while my parents go to see some friends in Colorado.

I'm making Van's birthday cake and cupcakes for his party on Saturday. (YEA!)

I'm finally getting my wedding rings back- they've been at the jewelers. Oh how I've missed them! (I've been wearing some fake ones in the meantime and they just look so...fake.)

I'm picking up the Hushabye quilt from the quilters that my mom and I finished before we moved- I'll take lots of pics to show you!

I'm the luckiest girl in the world- I get to have my teeth deep cleaned 2 days in a row. That means I even get to get numbed up! And that is how bad I have let my teeth get. I have learned that just because I don't have any new cavities does not mean my teeth are healthy.

I'd rather have a root canal, that's how excited I am.

After I'm finished drooling in the corner in a fetal position trying to block out the pain, I plan to hunt down some fabulous fabric for a few commissioned projects that I got over the weekend!

While I'm away I have a few posts scheduled about some fun new things I have made- some for gifts, some for the shop, and one that I need help on deciding if it's cute or not.

OMG- the weed smoking here is crazy! Every evening as the sun sets, huge wafts of weed smoke come in our open windows. It's not the most pleasant smell- but I'll take it over poisonous second-hand cigarette smoke any day!

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