Wednesday, April 28, 2010

happy anniversary!

(this is why I never wear heels- I hate being taller than Danny!)

I know you are just dying to know what the super secret project is, hu? Well, I am sad to report that I did not get it quite finished. I just didn't have any creative juice today, no matter how many cans of Dr. Pepper I drank. So the photo below is not the finished project. (and half of the photos fell off, just so you know.)

Remember that painting I really really liked that was almost $4000 that I really wanted as an anniversary gift? Seeing as how I would never spend that kind of money on something that I can fake, I made our own. Cause really, for $4000- I would want it to be us in the painting. I am horrible at painting, so this is all fabric. (with tiny b&w photos.) I originally wanted to paint it, but as I was falling asleep one night, I thought "hey! I could applique it!" and it just clicked. I could finally envision a finished project that looked like a painting, but wasn't. So, here it is! The photo is blurry, I know. When it is complete, I will take a better one so you can see the detail work. Like Danny's jeans for example. They may just be the best part!

I set it up the best I could, and waited for Danny to come home. He loved it! He stared at it forever, laughing and checking out all the details. He would take a few steps back and have a look, then step right back up to it and look some more.

To finish it, I have to add/swap out some photos, and figure out how to a) make the frames, and b) how to attach them. I want to be able to swap out photos for new events, future children and so forth. I need some better lips, and some long hair to cover that giant giraffe neck. I had such a hard time making myself look like myself. Danny was easy. Of course I took a million photos of him sitting on a bar stool with his arm out so I could get his likeness perfect. It's a lot harder to take self portraits.

We got dressed up to the nines, (well as close as we could get without buying new clothes) and went out to eat. Danny picked Spencer's, because I requested steak. The steak was fabulous, the salad was strange, the glazed and roasted carrots were superb. But the best part? The creme brulee. (isn't dessert always the best part?) Holy cuss, it was incredible! I now have a new mission: to conquer creme brulee. I have never made it before. My mom has all the fancy equipment (the torch) so I shall go forth and create... of these days.

It was so nice to get dressed up and go out together- downtown no less. (we never venture downtown anymore) I loved going on a picnic last year, but this year felt like a real anniversary- I loved it! And I feel quite spoiled. The restaurant was fancier than we have ever been to, and we felt a little out of place. A few times, I had a little blast of the kind of excitement I got while on one of our first dates. You know, when it's with someone you really like. Like a little peek into your happy future. It was strange feeling that way again- a little self-conscious, a lot giddy. That feeling of "ohhh, I really like him. I hope he really likes me back!" So happy to be married to this wonderful man!

We kind of didn't feel like ourselves, but I think it was just the fancy shmancy attitudes throwing us off. I don't know if we will ever go back there, the atmosphere was almost awkward. (but the food was amazing!) And our waiter reminded us of Dwight, so we really had a hard time taking him seriously, and he was soooo serious.

Our attempt at a good timed photo. You can totally tell I was the one running into the frame before the timer beeped! Lame. We better get better at this! I just had to have proof that we did indeed dress up for dinner. Heels and all. I really like my slip sticking out in the last one. Classic.

Here's to another wonderful year!

I love you Danny!!!


  1. so fun! i love how your project turned out!!

  2. Happy Anniversary! I love how your gift turned out. Amazing as always!