Friday, April 2, 2010

march madness

1 month of not feeling like myself
(1st wk- flo) (2nd wk- DH & me sick) (3rd wk-DH sick again) (4th week- me sick again)
3 real dinners made
1 bottle advil liquid gels emptied
1 side of my car completely scraped up
3 days of an utterly painful sore throat
3 number of days in a row that I did not shower
2 bottles zicam extreme congestion relief in our noses
7 sick days used by DH
1 can chicken noodle soup
1/2 hour at a time that I could actually breathe through my nose
5 family size tissue boxes disposed of (more or less)
4 pks ramen- oriental & pork
1 bottle generic cough syrup emptied
2 caring kittens ready to cuddle at all times
4 crazy coughing fits that sounded nauseating
5 nights with earplugs to drown out the snoring
1 fantastic job left behind
3 number of days I spent crying or having a meltdown
1 trip to 7-11 after midnight in search of more advil
2 number of kisses shared between us (really.)
1 lumpy, red, itchy and very odd looking rash
1 baby shower unattended
50 million times I wished for spring
16 episodes of law & order watched
1 amazing trip to ikea (details soon!) & in-in-out
1 grandma's life packed away
80 years of artistic ability honored
2 absolutely horrid passes of geriatric gas exposed to
quite a few moments of heartache for what could have been
1 very strong desire for happiness, no matter what
1 super hero disguised as a husband
4 times I wished I could take it all back

(very sternly now) April:
don't you dare act like march.
(i mean it.)

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  1. Babinski's sure isn't the same without you, and I sure miss you! I wish things had ended differently, but I hope you are able to find greater happiness now. At the very least, we can hope the rest of spring is a great deal less snowy, or I'm really gonna freak out..