Thursday, April 15, 2010

the ladies who lunch

I met my friend Kelly today for lunch- (one of the perks of not having a job) at Paradise Bakery. It was so busy! So we had to wait in line forever- but we haven't seen each other forever, so we had a lot to catch up on.

I made her some really fun stuff (click) before she had her baby, but I didn't have the chance to give them to her until today. I also made her little girl Annie something special.

Annie showing me her teeth. (currently the only way to get her to smile for the camera!)

Eating chocolate frosting, not apples. She's just like me!


Sweet baby Jack slept right next to me the whole time! He coughed twice, and it was the tiniest, cutest cough I have ever heard!

Aww. Annie and Jack-a-roo.

Mama with the Annie doll and the real Annie.

I had such a wonderful day! I looked forward to this lunch all week- not the actual lunch part, although the turkey sandwich was delish- but the outing and socializing with a friend and her adorable kids. It was such a beautiful day, and seeing Kelly and meeting baby Jack for the first time was just perfect.

So, where should we go next week?

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