Sunday, April 25, 2010

cleaning, organizing, and cabbage patch dolls

I have had a very busy week! I have been trying to get into a daily cleaning schedule so that house cleaning isn't such a daunting task. And I think I finally have a good one all hammered out.

Tuesday was spent sewing! I finished the back of the Timber quilt, and I finished some aprons that I started forever ago.

On Wednesday and Thursday I helped my mom clean/organize/de-junk her house. As some of you know, I love a good mess (that isn't mine) that I am free to organize and re-arrange. That particular skill is most useful to my past employers, but since I don't have one at the moment, and my mom needs help, I gladly offered my services. I have been itching to dig into some kind of mess of piles with the goal of dust free ultra organization as the reward. And, a never ending supply of fountain Dr. Pepper to fuel the fun!

(I am strange, I know that. My friend Allisen calls it particular. Which is by far a better word than strange.)

We started on Wednesday with all of our (us kids) baby clothes and blankets. We had so much fun! It is amazing to me how much I remember about my favorite clothes from such an early age. A lot of it (the remembering) is because my dad took so many photos of us- so our childhood is very well documented.

So after we went through all the old toys- my mom found all the "birth certificates" from our Cabbage Patch Dolls in a folder. We were trying to figure out who's was who's, (cause they are "born" with such strange names!) and it was quite confusing- so my mom busted out my baby book so we could figure it all out. And sure enough- we did.

Back in 1984, when I desperately wanted a CPK of my own, they were hard to come by. Not only did I demand one for my birthday, (2 days before Christmas) but I also demanded an African American one. Anyway, my mom doesn't remember exactly how she found one, but she did.

And I named her Emily.

That same year, my grandma made us CPK dolls for Christmas. The detail work is amazing- it looks just like the vinyl faced ones! Her name is Ginger, and she has beautiful violet eyes! (at least I think that is her name...)

(Later, I think in '87, I got a CPK with "real" hair. Synthetic hair, that you could wash and brush and put in curlers.) I can't remember her name though.

On Thursday night I brought all my totes of stuff home, and started to go through them. Totes full of my childhood. My baby clothes, doll clothes, stuffed animals, blankets, my troll doll collection (don't ask, you don't want to know) all up to my teenage sculpture addiction- I made millions of tiny people, creatures, and whatnots out of Sculpey clay. (you molded it, then baked it in the oven. Maybe I will post some pics...later)

And, while my baby sister jokingly and joyfully went through my troll doll collection, she asks me "did you make these clothes?!?" And I said "of course I did! Don't you remember the huge troll house I made?" (I found a few photos-yikes-doubt I will post them though)

I then realized that I have been siphoning from my mom's fabric and notion's stash all my life and creating and building all kinds of stuff. Silly, miniature stuff.

Sorry mom!

In that teenage art project box included a mobile- really- a mobile I had made from wire, felt frog shaped beanbags and clay butterflies. I have had this delusion that my creativity had blossomed and branched out over these past few years into making things I had never made before. Obviously not.

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