Monday, April 12, 2010

wishing and hoping

I really, really, really want this:

The Clarisonic Skincare Brush

So if you happen to see my husband around town, tell him that I really need it.

They are giving one away at Splendor this month. Delilah, (the owner) told me that I absolutely have to have one. I was asking her about different products that would help out my skin issues, and she told me about a few, and then just said that I should save my pennies, and get one when they came in to her store because this brush does wonders for your skin!

To enter, you have to spend $50. Every $50 gets you another entry, but honestly I can only enter once. I really hope that I win it. Ha ha! I never win anything, and certainly never anything as cool as this!

So that is why I am hoping for Danny to read this, and surprise me with one for our anniversary.

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