Sunday, April 18, 2010

where's waldo?

Danny and I went to Gateway today to meet his dad and sister for lunch. Driving along 400 west, right when we were driving past the SLC Sgt. Peppers mural, Danny says "Well, I found Waldo." I thought he was making fun of someone in a striped sweater, but when I looked over, there was a dude dressed up like Waldo. Hilarious!

Did you love the Waldo books like we did as kids?

Those books gave us Campbell kids hours of entertainment. (We maybe even got to take them to church, but I might be wrong.)

Back then, every Christmas, we (me, nick, and my mom) would put together a puzzle. One year, it was a Waldo puzzle. So, not only was it hard because of the subject matter, but it had oddly shaped, tiny pieces as well.

That was the puzzle of all puzzles. It took us forever!

I don't know if we ever did one again...

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