Tuesday, April 27, 2010

what you lookin at, fool?


one of the many reasons we will never live in South Jordan.

(This photo has nothing to do with South Jordan)

(I looked at a lot of bad, horrible tattoos- but this one really cracked me up!)

For the past 2 days Loo-loo and I have been racing around the valley in search of the perfect items to finish the Super Secret Project. (the super secret project is my anniversary gift to my husband, that I have been working on for the last month and a half.)

One of the items was hard to track down. Well, it was hard to track down because I refused to pay the $115 that most places wanted for it. So I googled around, and called up the Hobby Lobby. (It's a huge new (to Utah) craft store. They have 2 locations so far, South Jordan, and Layton.)

So I picked the closer (but still way way west) location, South Jordan. I got lost, and couldn't find the damn place. I finally figured out that my google map was wrong, and had to drive even further west to get there.

I found what I needed right away, and paid $12. Seriously. 10% of what everyone else was charging. Wahoo!

I got the wrong size though, and had to go back today to swap them out. It was nice and warm today- windy, but I didn't need a jacket. Guess I should have worn one anyway.

I had 2 grown women stare at me. Gawk and make a series of stink-eyed faces.

I just don't think about it anymore- living in Salt Lake, I just don't get stared at very often. So I forget that while in the 'burbs, I can either cover up and look "normal" or not cover up and get holes bored into me by middle aged stuffy women. Those ladies made me embarrassed for myself! I wanted to get out of line and leave the store!

After the first one, I was just a little mad. But after the second one, that couldn't take her eyes off my arms, her eyeballs going up and down, up and down. Don't grown-ups know any better?

I was in a cute girlie black flowy top with roses on it, paired with skinny jeans and sandals. Not sporting goth makeup and chains.

Are my tattoos that bad? Do I look scary? Did they think I was going to kidnap their children and rob them at gunpoint? Geez.

Now, if I had been walking around wearing this ensemble, I would have understood.

(Not that I ever would, mind you, in any setting. And not that I ever could, 'cause I certainly don't look like this.)

Anyway. Whatever.

Loo-loo's favorite part of South Jordan was the tumbleweeds. At one stoplight we counted 10 that flew down the road. Baby ones and big ones. Loo-loo said it was the tumbleweed family getting out of the wind.

It's my anniversary tomorrow. Well, our anniversary. The Super Secret Project is almost finished. I have until 5 o'clock tomorrow to get it done. (cause that's when Danny gets home from work.)

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