Sunday, April 18, 2010

late night with a box of Tagalong cookies

...well, it was a full box. Now it's an empty box.

It's past 1 a.m.

In looking for something else, I clicked on an ad. (eep)

I just "watched" an ad for a flat belly/weight loss.

It was a half hour long. Halfway through, after I looked at the clock again and asked myself "when is this stupid crap going to end?" I pinched my love handles that had been unleashed due to my slack posture as a result of lounging in my comfy chair for the past oh- 5 hours, and decided to finish "watching". To see if it really was worthwhile. I got lots of time on my hands, why not try a diet that claims to be the end all of diets? It doesn't sound all that bad. I can still drink Dr. Pepper, and eat cake. Hm.

Seriously, why do I get caught up in schemes when I stay up too late?

It was $39.95, fully refundable no questions asked.

"Nah", I said to myself upon seeing the price. If it had been $19.95, I probably would have done it.

In all seriousness, I have gained a small amount of weight, and at this point, I am uncomfortable with it. Sure, I noticed the muffin top appearing above my jeans awhile ago. "No, I am not pregnant." If I was, I wouldn't be complaining. It's all fun and games until you have to go buy a new bra. Am I right?

(truthfully, I needed a new one anyway, so I bought one that's just like my favorite one that's falling apart, and it didn't fit. So I had to go and spend an hour in Victoria's Secret, being measured by a teenager and trying on every bra they sell. Meanwhile, the girl in the dressing room to my left was having a hard time finding the perfect bra for her perfect 32 dd sized chest. "they just don't make any in that size" the salesgirl kept telling her. Who is built like that in the real world? Besides of course the actual models in the VS catalogs? I don't know anyone. Do you?)

And then I tried on some cute shorts. And I couldn't button them up. That is when full alarm bells went off. I can pull off my normal jean size with almost a 10 pound range. Which is awesome, really. So when I can't button that button- it's game over. And I refuse to buy new clothes. (and Danny would too- since he'd be paying for them) I also refuse to jam myself into too-small clothes- it's like my really lame uncle once said...

...or kinda sang as he tried on my evil ex's brand new suit jacket...

"fat man in a little coat" the arm seams ripped. Ha, twas a funny moment in history.


Wii fit?

I have been eating better this week. My friend Allisen re-introduced me to hummus (I ate too much of it when I was Vegan, so I swore it off) with carrot sticks. Not baby carrots, you are right, the sticks are better. And I have had an apple a day too.

So, wii will see what happens next week. Ha, late night pun.

And another And- is anyone else dying to hear about cjane having her baby?? When? Where? Girl or Boy???? I have been obsessively checking all of her blogs since Thursday night- and nothing!

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  1. Glad you're enjoying the hummus! I bought some yesterday, but they didn't have the brand I love so I'm hoping it's ok...I'm a little nervous.