Wednesday, March 31, 2010

it's so hard to say winter.

As all of you know, I absolutely love winter!

(hate, hate, hate)

I was filled with joy this morning when I woke up and saw all the snow, coating my front lawn, the trees starting to bud, and my car.

(the one day I actually feel better, and it has to be hellish outside? Really?!?)

While singing, I hopped in the shower and pondered all the fun things I could do in the snow when I was done.

(I took a really long, really hot shower. It was amazing. I actually felt human again.)

Still singing, I got dressed and happily plopped on my rain boots. I love splashing in puddles!

(I put my rain boots on and begged, please! Make it the last time! )

My mom came by to get an apron for a bridal shower she was going to later. So we went on a errand run together.

(she was my chauffeur for the afternoon.)

We had so much fun, dancing in the snow, while walking from the car to the store.

(we walked as fast as possible, shivering and complaining, on our way into Home Goods.)

I found some super cute plates, bowls, silverware, etc... all in the shape of cats! Of course I had to get the whole set. Danny's gonna love em!

(we were there to find a few cute kitchen accessories to go along with the apron. We found an awesome lime green colander, and a citrus zester.)

That was about all the adventure I could handle for the day, so my mom took me home.

(I got back into my fav chair, and watched some Seinfeld until Danny got home.)

I lit a cheery fire in the fireplace, and then I made rack of lamb for dinner.

(I got the leftover pizza from last night, and heated 3 slices up for me in the microwave, then I went to Jamba Juice, and got a coldbuster)

It was such a lovely day, such a wonderful and magical snowy day, I can't wait for next winter!

(Please please make it stop. Please please, I am losing my mind!)

***I really, really wanted those rain boots. They were last years, and they got such horrible reviews, that I figured the $75 price tag was just too much. :( ***

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